6 Weird Kiss Scenes From Movies

Posted on October 12, 2011
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If you have a romantic partner, chances are good that you enjoy a good kiss every now and then. Unless, of course, the two of you are asexual, in which case you simply sit around talking about the weather or reading Internet comics or whatever it is that asexual people do to enjoy their special alone time together.

For the rest of us, kissing looks and feels great. The former is especially true, like many things, when we see the kiss in question in a movie instead of real life. That's because directors, lighting experts, makeup artists, producers, writers, and a whole host of other crew members are there working behind the scenes to make it is so. Event the most spontaneous-looking movie kisses have been written, edited, and choreographed long before they even happened.

All of this work isn't necessarily done with the goal of creating a regular expression of run-of-the-mill romance between two characters. Sometimes kisses in movies are supposed to be, well, weird in one way or another. If you like kisses, and you like weirdness, than this list of weird kiss scenes will have you hungering for more.


Rogue's Power-Vampire Kisses in X-Men

vampire kisses

Ah, there's nothing quite like watching two young people in love. Especially if they're hot. And even more especially if they're two young people pretty much alone in the world, without parents or families to care for them, even more able to bond than "normal" teenagers after being tossed aside by the rest of society because they've committed the sin of being different from everybody else.

But when one of those young people is a mutant who uncontrollably drains the life force out of humans and the power out of mutants whenever she experiences skin-on-skin physical contact, problems can arise.

The worst part is, Rogue doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend Ice Man. She just wants to show him some good old-fashioned lovin'. And how much does it suck that she can't do that without bleeding every last ounce of power and life-force right out of him?


Spiderman's Upside-Down Kiss

spidermans upside

One of the most memorable weird kiss scenes from a recent movie is the scene in Spiderman in which Mary Jane seductively pulls the mask off of the lower half of Spiderman's face (he's unwilling to reveal his identity to her) and kisses him while he hangs upside down from a building after saving her life.

We understand that all the adrenalin stirred up by the near-death experience gets both of their hearts pumping, and it looks super sexy, but how practical is it in real life? We challenge any of you out there to perform the upside-down kiss maneuver - if you don't have Spiderman's web capabilities, a sofa or bed should do the trick. It's amazing how weird it can feel to simply kiss at a different orientation than you're used to. And don't even get us started about the fact that Mary Jane is kissing a practical stranger, and that the only thing she knows about him is that he is a genetic freak who likes to play dress-up. Weird indeed!


Poison Ivy's Poison Kiss in Batman

poison ivys

The "kiss of death" is a concept that goes back as far as Biblical times and perhaps even further. So we can see how the filmmakers of Batman and Robin got the idea to create a character who can literally kill people with just a touch of her lips. Poison Ivy is also an expert at pitting two lovelorn men against each other. So it's not bad enough that she's trying to poison them by seducing them; she's also making one of them have to put up with sloppy seconds.

It's a good thing that Robin puts on some "rubber lips" before getting in on that action; that girl gets around, and he doesn't want to catch what she's got when going in for his very own weird kiss. Although we find it entertaining that at no point does he consider just not kissing her.


Fifth Element: The World's Most Powerful Kiss

fifth element

Kissing someone you've only known for a few days is not that weird in the fictional universe; it happens all the time in movies. A mortal sharing a kiss with someone he's only known for a few days who is some sort of "supreme being" is a bit odd, we suppose. However, we're sure we aren't the only ones who think that doing so and then having a gigantic blast of pure energy shoot from the Supreme Being's mouth to stop absolute evil from consuming the universe is definitely well on the weird side!

fifth element1

Coming in close second as a weird kiss in this movie is the first (somewhat) romantic encounter between Leeloo and Corbin Dallas. In this scene, Leeloo understandably enough takes offense when a practical stranger whose name she doesn't even know tries to kiss her while she's unconscious. Corbin ends up with a gun pressed against his temple for his folly at having physical contact with the Supreme Being without her permission!


Star Wars Brotherly Love Kiss

star wars

You know what they say when it comes to being raised by people who aren't your biological parents: anyone you meet could be your brother or your sister! In fact, even if you are raised by your biological parents, it pays to be careful. Parents don't always want to confess their darker deeds, which could include a love child or two, to their offspring.

Luke and Leia should have taken this little pearl of wisdom to heart before they decided to do a smidgeon of tongue-tango; any casual Star Wars viewer can tell you it later turns out they're siblings. Pretty much every culture we know has some sort of taboo against relations among relatives, for the important reason that any resulting children could suffer from higher than likely chances of genetic defects. This kiss gets extra weirdness points because it's Leia's revenge against Han for being such a nerf-herder.


Meet Joe Black: Death's First Kiss

first kiss

Was anyone else a little confused by Meet Joe Black? No, just us? Okay then. Anyway, from what we were able to gather, we think that it's a movie where Death assumes a human form and comes to the mortal realm. Once there, instead of collecting William Parrish right away, he gives the man a few more days on Earth to really appreciate life in return for showing him (Death) what it's like to live like humans do.

Death gets to partake in a variety of human delights, including peanut butter and macking on William's daughter Susan. Yeah, William really should have realized that his little bargain with Death might turn out badly. Especially because Death turned out to be such a hottie.

Emma Larkins is a humor writer. To learn more about her work, follow her on Twitter or check out her website, You Amuse Me.

Written by Emma Larkins – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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