6 Ways to Store Your Personal Identification

  • December 10, 2010
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In a Murse


You or someone you know... might be holding a murse as we speak.

Men don't store their documentation in a purse, because if they do, it's called a murse, or a male-purse. This is a little known fashion accessory that's gaining hold mainly in the metrosexual sphere of influence.

Don't automatically think that using a murse will doom you to never date a woman again in your life. After all, there are subtle murses that hide inside a man's jacket, for those times that he just needs to carry a few more things than his wallet, keys, and phone, or for when he's wearing especially tight pants.

We've polled the general female population, and frankly, they think the murse is an excellent idea. It signals the end of boyfriends and husbands complaining endlessly about the size, weight, and general inconvenience of the purse, while simultaneously asking for pain medication, mints, and moist towelettes to clean up after a messy barbecue feast. As far as storing your identification, though, you're going to run into similar issues as with the purse. Except guys don't fill their murses to the exploding point... do they?


In a Safe


Not bad, but a little too out in the open for the taste of most paranoid people.

Are you paranoid? Do you often find yourself looking over your shoulder when you take money out of an ATM? Or do you prefer to use the inside of a bank? Or have cash hand-delivered to you by your faithful manservant, so you don't have to leave the house?

Then chances are, you're not going to take any chances with your identification. You're the type who will keep your cards in a safe, and only take them out during the gravest of emergencies. Of course, this will make it very difficult in many every day situations, such as being pulled over for a routine traffic stop or trying to buy alcohol in the US, but hey, what's a little inconvenience compared to possible identity theft?


I Don't Have an Identification


According to the government, this man does not exist. According to this man, you do not exist.

Simply put, you're a rogue. A wild card. A person who seeks freedom from the man above all else. And this isn't necessarily a good thing.

You see, without any sort of identification in our modern-day world, you basically don't exist. For the most part, you can't get a job, open a bank account or rent an apartment. Of course, there are ways around the need for identification, but it's not a fun life to live. If you make your home as a hermit in a cave and live off the land far from civilization, you might be able to make it work. At least, until you want to sign up for cable.

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