6 Types of Halloween Costumes Analyzed

  • October 31, 2010
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Celebrity Halloween Costumes


So wrong and yet… still so wrong.

It’s not hard to figure out the allure of dressing like a celebrity – it’s easy enough to do (easier, at least, than dressing like a 10-foot killer robot from Mars or painting yourself blue so that you look like a certain type of recently popular space monkey), and it’s just possible that some of the celebrity’s popularity will rub off on you.

Like with some other costume styles, there are three ways to accomplish the celebrity Halloween costume. The good way, the bad way… and the worse way.

If you choose to pick a few signature pieces from a celebrity’s wardrobe, purchasing or perhaps making actual pieces of clothing with actual real fabrics, and tastefully pull yourself into the character, you are interesting and intelligent, and have successfully pulled off this look.

If you go into the nearest Halloween store and buy one of those pre-packaged things, you’re lazy. And seeking attention.

If you try to dress up like the celebutante or reality star of the moment, you automatically lose. Extra negative bonus points for acting like the person, and/or dropping catchphrases. Expect people in these costumes to be whoring themselves out in a reality show near you in the near future – or just, in general, whoring themselves out.


Matching Halloween Costumes


Awwww, isn’t that cute? And also a little creepy?

We get it. You’re in a stable relationship, comfortable enough with your significant other that the suggestion of matching Halloween costumes doesn’t send the other person running from the room gagging.

The problem with the matching Halloween costume is that rarely does one partner’s costume work without the other. A ketchup bottle standing on its own in the corner while the mustard fetches drinks is going to look lonely and desperate, no matter what.

If the costumes work on their own, and people don’t have to keep asking what you are when your mate isn’t around, then they’re a sign of good taste and a great relationship. If, however, you have to spend the night glued to each other’s hips, you might want to look up “codependent” in the dictionary. You won’t be surprised to find Mr. Ketchup and Mrs. Mustard winking at you from the page.


Homemade Halloween Costumes


Glad to see someone keeping the true spirit of costume awesomeness alive.

This can really go either way. We’ve seen people spend hours, days, weeks even on crafting the perfect vest for a Viking costume or hand-forging a sword for that Samurai outfit. Sometimes you think that if an actual version of the thing these people are dressing up as popped out of thin air, whatever it was would be impressed. These are the kinds of people who might be slackers when it comes to their chosen profession, but take great pride and joy in their hobbies. They could be woodworkers, band members, or people who spend lots and lots of time at science fiction conventions.

But if you’re going to throw on a white t-shirt and write with sharpie on it “This Is My Costume” (especially if you’re already too drunk to spell correctly), then we have news for you: you are a lazy bum. Halloween is the one time of year you get to truly express yourself, and this is what you come up with? Not interesting, and not original. Next time try and be a little more creative, will ya?

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