6 Strange Pieces of Sports “Memorabilia” People Actually Paid For

  • March 28, 2010
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Tom Seaver’s Toothpick

Maybe even more disgusting than used chewing gum is a used toothpick. I think that’s something we can all agree on. I mean, just think about what the use of a toothpick is and tell me that’s not disgusting. Got some popcorn stuck between your teeth? Get a toothpick! A little bit of steak lodged in there? Why, a toothpick will handle that job! For all of your “food stuck between your teeth” needs, a pointy wooden toothpick is the answer.

But if you just have to own a little stick used to remove small chunks of food, you might as well go all out and own one that was previously used by a Hall of Fame pitcher, right? That’s probably why in 1992, someone actually paid $440 for a toothpick that had previously been chewed on by Tom Seaver. Hell, I would have sold him one for about $3.50. Now that’s a bargain.

tom seaver toothpick

Oh, it was a Mets fan. That explains it.


Mickey Mantle’s Death Threat

When it comes to the greatest centerfielders of all-time, the list is pretty short. Basically, you’ve got Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle fighting it out for that coveted top spot. Of course, if you’re looking for the drunkest centerfielder of all-time, then the Mick runs away with the title, no questions asked.

If ever there was a Yankee great who kids grew up idolizing and trying to live vicariously through, it was Mantle. And apparently, someone decided to take that a little far when they spent $18,400 on an autographed death threat sent to the Mick in 1953. I guess you won’t really feel like old #7 until you, too, have had bodily harm threatened against you.

mickey mantle death threat

You know you’re REALLY famous when one person threatens your life, and another person pays 18 grand for that threat


Nolan Ryan’s Jock Strap

You know, I can get on board with wearing the jersey of my favorite player. In truth, I’ve gathered a pretty extensive collection of football, baseball, basketball and hockey jerseys over the years. And I can admit, it would be pretty awesome to own one that was actually worn in a game. Now just imagine if you could somehow manage to get your hands on a jersey worn by one of the greatest pitchers of all-time during a no hitter. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Probably less awesome, and far from the prize of any collection, would probably be a jock strap worn by that same pitcher. In this case, that pitcher is Nolan Ryan, and the jock strap in question once hugged his junk. It sold for $25,000. Now that is what I call a sound investment. I mean, if you’re planning on finding traces of DNA with which you plan on cloning your own little army of mini-Nolan Ryan’s, that is.

nolan ryan jock strap

“You can still smell the ball sweat!”

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