6 Oddly Cute Movie Creatures

  • October 01, 2010
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The Creature / The Story

Falkor is one of the most famous and iconic characters from the 1984 fantasy film, The NeverEnding Story. The flick was directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starred Barret Oliver as the young lead Bastion… who is an introvert doormat. Falkor is a “luckdragon” (a.k.a. a giant flying dog) who helps Bastion on his quest by carrying him on his back during Bastion’s psychedelic fantasy freak-out.


“Gooooooal!... oops - I mean “Yeeeeeeeey!”

Unfortunately Falkor has become quite a target for the unruly internet crowd… and Family Guy.


We admit it…we made the Barack one.

In simply describing Falkor we cannot help but crack a smile. He has an elongated, wingless body (though he can somehow fly), paws, a white coat, huge eyes and a canine-like face. Interestingly, in the original German illustrations Falkor appears more like an Oriental dragon. However on a cover for the book (which the film version in based on), Falkor appears as lion-like creature.


Perhaps he’ll look like this in the inevitable remake.

The Odd / Cute Factor

It’s difficult to not find Falkor appealing on some level. He was a friendly giant flying dog who could help kids fend off bullies for crying out loud. Bavaria Film Studios in Munich certainly has love for Falkor. They have created a life-size reproduction of the creature which tourists can hop onto and get embarrassing photos.


“We’ll never live this down.”



The Worm Dog (Pipi)


The Creature / The Story

Chances are you’ve never heard of the Worm Dog. Though he may look like Falkor’s abnormal seed, he’s actually a friendly creature from the 1982 film, House II: The Second Story. Words cannot accurately describe how bizarre this film was, but we’ll give it a shot. House 2 was a sequel (obviously) to the 1986 film House starring William Katt. The first film was about, you guessed it, a haunted house. It had a creepy undertone and was considered a horror/comedy. The second film however delivered a substantially weirder take on the haunted house motif. We’re talking zombie grandpas, ghostly cowboys, baby pterodactyls, ancient Mayans… oh and John Ratzenberger and a baby face Bill Maher.



Needless to say, the movie was totally f***ing insane, but in a cool MST3K type way. So how does the worm dog fit into all of that? It’s pretty simple actually. He was found by the main characters in a Prehistoric dimension and brought back to their regular world. There he was treated as the family pet and even ate with everyone at the dining table.


If you think we’re making this up just rent the DVD.

The Odd / Cute Factor

Considering the film was fairly low budget, the worm dog and many of the other visual effects actually weren’t too bad. We’d love to have been in on the storyboarding sessions though when someone actually suggested putting the creature into the film. It’s like they just said f*** it and tried anything. It takes a special kind of someone to find the appeal in a slimy hybrid worm-dog.



The Puckmaren


The Creature / The Story

The amazing little guy that you see pictured above appeared in the 1986 Disney science-fiction film, Flight of The Navigator. The story centered on a 12-year old boy named David Freeman (Joey Cramer), who was abducted by an alien space craft (a.k.a. Max, voiced by Pee-Wee Herman) and found himself stranded in the future. David was originally from 1978 but inexplicably woke up in a ravine in 1986.


Here is what life was like in 1986 according to Weirdworm’s Research team.

During his flight home aboard the alien vessel, David encountered some remaining alien specimens that Max had not yet returned to their homeworlds. Among the strange creatures was a Puckmaren - a tiny harmless alien who was said to be the last of his kind. David bonded with the friendly little creature instantly. The Puckmaren by all accounts was basically an awesome little living action figure.


Any child who didn’t want a Puckmaren truly had no soul.

The Odd / Cute Factor

Put it this way… any guy bringing home one of these tiny wide-eyed creatures to their girlfriends is in for a lifetime of sweet oral loving. The puppetry was fairly decent for its time and the character certainly had a childlike charm. You can check out a key scene featuring the Puckmaren right here…



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Written by Anthony Quaglia – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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