6 Great Video Game Characters and Their Pathetic Cosplay Counterparts

  • May 05, 2010
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Link is one of the only videogame characters that EVERYBODY feels bad for. I mean, how many dungeons has the guy gone through? And for what? For the high and mighty elf-eared Princess Zelda, who gets herself in all the trouble of Peach, but with little to none of the kidnapping. And when he rescues her he gets riches right? Wrong. Okay…her love! Strike two. A kiss…? Okay he gets nothing every single time. But he doesn’t complain. He actually…doesn’t say much of anything. But at least he gets to wear some awesome gear.

link zelda010

Single-handedly upholding the manliness of effeminate elf boys since 1986.

And the object of our young hero’s affection? We don’t know much about her. She’s a princess, her father does not give her nearly enough bodyguards, and if need be, she can transform instantaneously into an alter ego that would put most black belts to shame. Also, she’s pretty hot. You know, for an elf-lady.

link zelda020

There’s a skintight ninja suit beneath all that pomp and circumstance.

The pair has been a favorite of cosplayers for years, mainly because it’s a chance to prove to people that they actually have a significant other. However, these two are beautiful elf people, one of which braves countless dangers on a daily basis, the other with fabulous wealth and grace. So it almost never works out.

link zelda030

Not sure who the guy on the right is? Strange, we didn’t really notice him.


Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is one of the main characters of the famous RPG Final Fantasy VII, as well as being present in a number of spinoff games, including a prequel, both Kingdom Hearts games, and a full length movie (Advent Children). He is arguably the most widely recognized character of the series, and is easily one of the most angsty. He carries a large buster sword that in all honesty should have thrown his back out ages ago, and is known for his spiky blonde hair.

cloud strife01

As if that sword wasn’t scary enough, his hair is also razor sharp and lethal to the touch.

Square Enix’s (formerly Squaresoft) Final Fantasy series is wildly popular among cosplayers, specifically everything from the seventh installment on. This is for two reasons: the female characters are almost guaranteed to be both hot and lethal, and…

cloud strife02

No that’s pretty much the only reason.

Anyway, for gentlemen to hang out with these lovely ladies, they also have to dress up as FF characters. Because Yuna will only ever hang out with Tidus or Cid, and Rinoa can associate with Squall, Snow, and possibly Victor Valentine. But the most beautiful ladies: Aerith, Tifa, Rikku…will only associated with the best of the best. And who’s better than Cloud Strife?

cloud strife03

Judging by this picture, anybody.


Fox McCloud

Remember Star Fox? Of course you do. Remember how Falco was always saying tough guy things, and you loved him for it? Yup. Remember listening to Slippy and wishing there was a device that allowed you to stab people inside the TV? Definitely. Remember Peppy? It’s okay, neither do we. But these three, along with their enigmatic leader Fox McCloud, made up the Star Fox team, whose adventures made Nintendo a lot of money a while ago. This is because Nintendo realized that if there was one thing people liked more than blowing things up in a spaceship, it was blowing up things with a spaceship piloted by animals.

fox mc cloud01

You still don’t recognize Peppy, do you?

If Sonic cosplay has tought us anything, it’s that being an animal just doesn’t work. Unfortunately, it appears as though some people didn’t get the memo.

fox mc cloud02

We would give him a pat on the back for trying, if our hands weren’t already busy simultaneously holding our sides and trying to keep milk from coming out of our noses. What we find odd about this costume is the mask. The man clearly knew before putting it on how stupid it looked. He probably even knew it before he bought it (if he bought it). So why would you wear this in public, fully aware of its capacity to repel the opposite sex? The world may never know.

*These aren’t in any particular order, as I deemed them all equally pathetic. If I had to put some order, I’d make Master Chief the worst. Also, the way I wrote it, Fox has to be placed somewhere after Sonic. I’m not sure if you’re the one to arrange the order, as this is my first article.

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