6 Coolest Things Made With Legos

  • August 17, 2010
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An Environmental Protest

There are several Legolands across the world, built in honor of the world's top selling colored interlocking brick. Every location has different attractions based on the region that celebrates local and national culture. Legoland Windsor, for example, features tiny replicas of Big Ben, Canary Wharf and Prince Charles’ ears.

environmental protest lego

Among these structures is E.ON's coal-fired power station in Kingston. If you're scratching your head wondering how that's a family attraction, it isn't. However, E.ON is one of Legoland's sponsors, so there you go. E.ON is one of the biggest gas polluters in Britain and a common sore spot for environmentalists in the country. Rather than firebomb the joint and call it a night, someone had a pretty clever idea for a protest.

During the summer of 2008 a visitor seized control of the replica Kingston station with the help of the world's tiniest protestors. Lego figures were placed at the top of the tower above a banner reading “STOP CLIMATE CHANGE.” A creative and humorous idea, though not the last time that Legos would be used for protest.


A Political Protestor

Fed up with the media's self-censoring style of covering major, controversial events, a mother known online as Legofesto did the only logical thing a frustrated citizen could do: busted out the toys and took some pretty unsettling pictures.

political protestor lego01

Legofesto's blog attempts to take breaking news stories (though it hasn't been updated in a year as of this writing) and recreate the events with Legos. A popular example of her work is the prisoner abuse photos from Guantanamo Bay.

The contrast of her subject matter – rape, war, and torture – depicted with toys creates a powerful contrast that's also controversial. She makes it apparent on her blog that Lego doesn't at all support her efforts, and given some of her images –

political protestor lego02

It's easy to understand why that may be.


A House

It took over one-thousand volunteers three-million bricks to build the world’s first full-scale Lego house, pictured below.

The project was fronted by James May for his television program: Toy Stories. Standing twenty feet tall, the house was also complete with working shower, toilet and sinks. It was very much a livable space, if not a bit uncomfortable.

house lego

“Was” is the keyword here, because the house no longer stands. The vineyard it was constructed in was only a temporary home; the house was to eventually be moved to Legoland Windsor where it would remain. However, the project was undertaken without the Lego master builders and its construction was deemed not solid enough to move. Unable to find someone willing to take the house, even for free (who doesn't want a free house?), May and his team were forced to take their construct down in fall of 2009. They gave the bricks to charity.

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