6 Cool Mockumentaries You Should Totally Watch

  • December 26, 2010
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So we mentioned before how Spinal Tap is probably the most widely recognized mockumentary in the world. We also might have mentioned how carrots are actually sentient aliens sent here to destroy humanity, but with these new pills it’s really hard to tell. Anyway, CB4 is basically the hip hop version of Spinal Tap, because for reasons we can’t even begin to comprehend not everyone likes metal (I know – weird).

Basically a parody of N.W.A. (which stands for Not Without my Anus, if we’re not mistaken), CB4 mock-documents the hip hop group CB4 (Chris Rock, Allen Payne and Deezer D) as they make it big, fight crusading politicians and interact with basically every black celebrity that was even a little bit big during the early 90s. Also, they make a song about their ball sweat – “Sweat from my balls” which we believe involves their testicles and perspiration.



A Day Without a Mexican


Have you ever considered how greatly your life would be altered if all Mexicans in the US just… disappeared? The answer is pretty simple: no more than if any other nationality or ethnic group just vanished from the face of the Earth. The mockumentary “A Day Without a Mexican” does not agree however.

First, let us say that we did enjoy this flick (otherwise it would not be featured on the list). It has a great premise, it’s nice to look at and it definitely does bring your attention to modern immigration issues while still being somewhat entertaining. The problem is that the thing is blunter than a baby coffin full of river rocks, to the point where you expect the director to jump out in front of the camera and yell “Mexicans are like sooo important to this country.” This doesn’t make ADWAM bad (you should still see it) but it does make it a bit lazy.



Confederate States of America


The author’s psychic powers will now be proven to all the readers out there. Think of an example of alternative history. According to our readings… 33% of you said “Russians win the Cold War,” 33% “Nazis win WWII,” 33% “Confederacy wins the Civil War,” and 1% said “Get out of my house or get a job” (hi, mom!)

Yes, alternative outcomes of famous wars are pretty popular in writing, but words are cheap. Why, you need at least a thousand of them to get a single picture from what we’ve been told. So that’s why the mockumentary Confederate States of America is better than any alt history book. The story, as you may have guessed, involves the USA after the Union lost the war. What follows after that are decades of alternative world history, including the CSA taking over most of North America except for Canada (with whom they later have a Cold War), putting Jewish people in reservations, attacking Japan and keeping slavery legal right up until 2002 – all of it presented in a faux British documentary.

All in all, CSA is a wonderfully crafted piece of cinema and if you’ve seen it and didn’t like it, then frankly you don’t have a soul.



Written by Cezary Jan Strusiewicz – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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