6 Comic Books About Musicians Who Should Have Known Better

  • August 01, 2010
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Alice Cooper

Yes, when school was out for the summer, you could tuck into an equally tiresome comic book (which you can read in it's entirety here).

Now, to be fair, this isn't exactly an Alice Cooper comic book. It's actually the 50th issue of Marvel Premiere, an anthology book that Marvel published from 1972-1981. The book was a try-out kind of thing where Marvel would test the waters for characters and concepts they weren't totally convinced about yet. Some were legit... over the years it had included the debuts of such stalwarts as Doctors Strange and Who. Such was the case for poor Alice here. Somebody at Marvel was convinced for about 20 years that Marvel really needed to be a part of the music scene. Alice was just the latest victim...er...subject.

Honestly, to look at the cover you might think it was a cool book. It certainly looks like it should be. And Lord knows they tried. The plot... well.... we think there is one, somewhere... oh yes, here it is: "Alice Cooper is mistaken for a mental patient named A. Cooper, and flung into a lunatic asylum wherein wacky hijinks arise from his repeated attempts to excape." Fantastic. In actuality, the hijinks aren't that wacky and then they (spoiler alert!) confuse it all at the end by having Alice talk straight to the reader and imply that maybe he really should be in there! Wow that's wacky!

alice cooper


Billy Ray Cyrus

Oh... my... okay, moving on.

billy ray cyrus


Cheap Trick

We're gonna end on a high note (get it? High note? An article about music, and... oh forget it).

Yeah right. This is another of Marvel's incessant attempts to break into the music biz, and it is arguably their most pathetic. This wasn't even sold in comic stores, it was given away as a promotional gimmick (hence the clever blurb on the cover) with the band's 1990 (yeah, as in, about 10 years after anyone still cared about Cheap Trick) album Busted. Never mind that this album is usually considered the worst the band ever made, this comic was free and no one wanted it! Today Mile High Comics lists it at 78 dollars in mint condition. Since no one who ever had a copy didn't shred it, it's probable that no mint copy exists. Mile High doesn't even have one, in any condition. The comic was free, and yet still probably outsold the album. Those wishing to taste the awfulness may go look here, but goodness knows we wouldn't recommend it.

cheap trick

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