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  • October 10, 2010
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President Lincoln's Corpse

When America's ‘most tallest’ president met the angry end of southern justice that fateful night at Ford's Theater, there was quite a bit of confusion as to what actual happened, let alone whether or not Lincoln was even alive. The public being what it is demanded some sort of proof that their president got served something fierce. However, the army forbid any photographs of the dying Lincoln be taken because seriously guys, that shit's just gross.


Painters, however, were on hand for the event.


To exploit human curiosity while making a quick buck, con-artists began faking pictures of Lincoln on his death bed and selling the photographs to news papers who apparently couldn't be bothered to fact check. As a result, there are more fake photos of Lincoln floating around than genuine ones, living or dead.


Fun fact: this is the only known genuine photo of Lincoln taken after the assassination. The original plate of the photograph was destroyed, as well as all but one copy of the photo itself.


The Cottingley Fairies

People are stupid. This controversial fact is proven true by two things: the booming dead Abraham Lincoln industry and the Cottingley Fairies, a series of photographs taken by English girls in 1920. They photographed themselves with paper cut-outs of fairies, gnomes and other non-threatening or otherwise interesting super-natural creatures. Their father thought this to be a joke. Their mother, however, was criminally stupid, presented it to members of Britain's spiritualist community who, being spiritualists, believed them to be genuine. They were then shown to a photographer who declared them real.



The photos began appearing in various publications. Now brought to the full attention of the public, people began to debate whether or not they were real. Despite several glaring clues that these photos weren't of “actual” fairies, they were accepted as fact by spiritualists and even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It wasn't until the 1981 that one of the sisters responsible for the photographs revealed them to be paper cut-outs.


G. I. Joe the P. O. W.

During the early years of the Iraq war, reports of soldiers being taken hostage were unfortunately very common. The hostages were often revealed through videos released online or sent to media outlets and were accompanied with demands that were to be met if the hostage were to be released unharmed. In most of these cases the hostages were executed via beheading, the gruesome details of which were recorded and released again.


In 2005, a soldier named John Adam was believed to have been taken hostage by Islamic extremists. An internet post was made claiming that if the U.S. didn't release all of its prisoners of war in the following seventy-two hours, John was going to get beheaded. This threat may have worked in the long run if an American toy manufacturer hadn't pointed out that the captured soldier looked suspiciously like one of their action figures. The whole thing was then revealed to have been a hoax an anonymous Iraqi man who was “bored.”

In his defense, war can be such a downer.

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