6 Bizarre Mysteries (That Are Still Totally Unanswered)

  • May 12, 2010
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Marfa lights

marfa lights


These unexplainable lights, also known as ghost lights, are usually seen near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas. The lights usually appear at night with no particular pattern behind them; sightings can occur days apart at times, years apart at others. Since the 1800’s, eyewitnesses report seeing mysterious orbs of light hovering in the air approximately about ten times a year. The lights almost always appear in groups or pairs, merge, separate and dance around each other, before they disappear as mysteriously as they appear like a Baldwin brother fresh out of rehab.

Since the lights usually appear over the desert, it’s hard to reach them before they disappear and there are only a few accounts of people who have reached the lights. According to these eyewitnesses the lights are created by something similar to fireworks, but lacking smoke and sound. So, not at all like fireworks.

Explanations range from alien visitors to a jerk stunt pulled by the city in order to increase tourism. Either way, no one really has a good explanation as to why the lights appear when they do or what could cause them. To add to the mystery, similar ghost lights have been seen all over the world, usually in swamps and deserts and other places people usually avoid.


D. B. Cooper


A sketch of Cooper during his “Blues Brothers” phase.

One of the most famous disappearance acts in all of history doesn’t belong to Houdini, but to a man known as D.B. Cooper. Cooper and his massive stones hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in November of 1971 and demanded $200,000 in ransom. After receiving the money, Cooper ordered the plane to take off and midway through the flight, parachuted himself and his ill gotten gains into the night, disappearing forever.

This is the only unsolved case of aircraft hijacking to date and even the money has not been traced back. Even more puzzling, no one has ever found the parachute or the body of the hijacker, despite very careful investigations of the area where he would have landed. The authorities did find about $5000 of what they believe was the random money down the river from where Cooper could have landed, but only after years of fruitless searching.

The case was re-opened in 2007 when the FBI released new sketches of the hijacker, based on DNA samples and new eyewitness testimonials. Previous eyewitnesses were classified as “time-wasting jerks”. So far, not even the latest technology could reveal who D.B. Cooper really was.


Shag Harbour UFO Incident

harbour ufo incident

Artists rendition of something awesome.

Even most people who don’t believe in UFO’s, are confused by the case of the mysterious Shag Harbor incident. In October of 1967, an unidentified object crashed into the Nova Scotia harbor, which is officially the most mysterious harbor in the world. The object destroyed several boats and upset the local tide patterns. Despite a several month long investigation by various government agencies, no one has any idea as to what the object might have been.

This case is remarkable because it’s one of the few times that government officials formally admitted that an unidentified flying object was involved. The Canadian government stated this after all other possibilities were exhausted: the object that crashed was not a plane or a meteorite of any sort and since no wreck was ever discovered we can’t know more details about it. Canadians are, of course, known for “telling it like it is”, albeit as politely as possible.

Several of the witnesses to the crash included military personnel who declared that the object was an alien spacecraft like nothing they have seen before. A driver involved in an attempted recovery went as far as identifying the U.S. military as being responsible for the whole rescue mission, because they were interested in learning about alien life. Officially the case was only investigated by the Canadian government with the help of the U.S. Condon Committee UFO study, who didn’t offer any explanation aside from the official statement. Americans are, of course, known for “telling you to mind your own f***ing business”.

Written by Jack Mendoza – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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