5 Weird Stage Personas of Popular Musicians

  • May 07, 2010
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Of all the artists on this list, none come close to being as over-the-top and laughably ridiculous as GWAR. Dressed like a gang of real-life Dungeons and Dragons characters, the band produces the kind of music that makes Glenn Danzig look like Paul Simon.


This is what happens when you give a Tolkien geek an instrument.

Known for their elaborate stage shows, GWAR makes sure that no fan leaves one of their concerts without feeling mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually violated. The group derives their imagery from such varied sources as Norse mythology, horror literature, and the *ahem* “wonders of the human body”. This lets GWAR put together a live experience that can only be compared to taking a trip to the last level of the Inferno to check out a performance by the Dark Lord’s personal band. Except, of course, this is much more hilarious.

GWAR also handily wins the competition for “Stupidest Stage Names in History.” A brief sample of the members this group had had over the years: Balsac the Jaws of Death, Sexecutioner, Beefcake the Mighty… you get the idea.


The Aquabats

the aquabats01

As has been previously pointed out in this article, some musicians find it difficult to maintain a specific stage persona for the duration of their career. For many, the identities they assume merely serve as an excuse to promote a concept album or make some sort of musical statement. With that in mind, one must commend The Aquabats for telling a story and sticking to it.

To the casual listener who hasn’t paid much attention to the band, The Aquabats are a run of the mill pop-punk meets ska band. However, as dedicated fans know, they are much more than that. The Aqubats, as the band would have you believe, are a Fantastic Four-esque group of superheroes who hail from the island of Aquabania. Having been given super-powers from Professor Monty Corndog, the band vowed to fight for good and avenge the destruction of their home at the hands of the villainous “M.”

the aquabats02

The former residents of Aquabania known to be fond of Seamen

The Aquabats have integrated this storyline into their live performances by battling various evil-doers who attack them on stage. They have also learned the magical secret of marketing. You see, elements of the band’s costumes, according the mythology they have constructed, have special properties which provide the group with even greater powers. And, as it just so happens, these items are available for any of their fans to purchase as merchandise. After all, it’s one thing to get a t-shirt from your favorite group, but it’s quite another to get a “power belt.”

Looks like these guys have been taking notes from George Lucas. Written by Joseph Oliveto – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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