5 Weird Protests

  • June 14, 2010
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Airport Expansion

Getting the chance to meet the leader of your country is a rare opportunity, and it’s one that shouldn’t be wasted. You could ask him something about one of his policies, or let him know your own opinions on an issue. Or you could attempt to superglue yourself to him in an attempt to protest airport expansion. You know, the most rational choice.

airport expansion01

A plan with all the sophistication of a drunken prank.

That was the attitude of Dan Glass, who politely informed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that he had just superglued the two of them together when they shook hands… during an award ceremony for Glass’ protest work. Cheese and rice, you think getting an award from the Prime Minister would draw enough attention to your cause. Was the superglue really necessary? That’s just a jerk move, Dan.

Sadly, his attempt failed, with the Prime Minister able to pull away with ease after just a few seconds. Undeterred, Glass later tried to stick himself to a gate outside, but a police officer told him to stop being silly and so that attempt failed as well. Poor Dan just couldn’t get stuck to anything that day.

airport expansion02

A far more effective method.

The best part of all of this was that Glass was allowed to stay for another 40 minutes while the event wrapped up, and both the Prime Minister and the police laughed the stunt off. If somebody tried to pull this on the President of the United States, that 40 minutes would have been spent shipping the gluey individual to some CIA prison in Eastern Europe.


Berkeley Oak Grove

Trees are pretty cool, we all like them. They just sit there, looking pretty and giving us air and stuff, so you’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a grudge against them. But how far would you go to save a tree? If you’re an average person: not very. Maybe you’d sign a petition or something, but that’s about it. However, if you’re a crazy person going to college at Berkeley then you might just take things way, way too seriously.

berkeley oak grove

Thanks for helping save the trees, we rea... wait. Is that a WOODEN PENCIL!?

See, back in 2006, Berkeley wanted to build a new athletic training centre, but a grove of oak trees was in the way. The trees were going to be cut down so construction could begin, but a group of students lead by a guy named Zachary RunningWolf had other ideas. They decided to start living in the trees, figuring that since they weren’t attending Kent State there was no way the school would endanger student lives by beginning construction. So they built some platforms in the trees, had friends bring them supplies, and stayed up in the branches for nearly two years. Damn, that must have completely ruined their GPA.

The protest proved to be as controversial as the building plan: polls suggested that half of Berkeley’s students supported the tree-sitters while the other half thought they were a bunch of idiots. RunningWolf might have garnered more sympathy if he hadn’t suggested that cutting down the trees would have been a hate crime perpetrated by Masons and the Illumunati, but either way the trees were eventually chopped down. This is one protest that ended in failure… but at least the tree-sitters forced their school to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the protest all sorted out. Man, they could have planted a ton of trees with all that money.

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A far more effective method.