5 Weird Foods or Drinks to Consume on a Hot Day

  • May 06, 2010
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Something tells me it’s not the ice we’re gonna be eating.

What it is:

You might have chanced upon frozen salmon before, say, if you couldn't wait for it to thaw before slapping it on your bagel. Instead of being an impatient slob, did you know what you were actually eating a delicacy?

Why it's the perfect summer treat:

Talk about a protein punch! Unless you're chugging powdered cow milkshakes (and who isn't?), chances are your summer diet of popsicles and ice chips hasn’t left you with much energy. You need some protein, and aside from trying to fry a couple of eggs on the sidewalk, what better way to get it than from your icy treats?

Nothing beats the heat like sunny-side up. Why you might want to scrub your tongue afterwards:

As with the garlic, you get that lingering flavor of fish that stays with you no matter what you do. In addition, it's much nicer to eat a quickly melting popsicle than it is to eat a slab of frozen raw fish that's quickly turning into a slab of luke-warm, mushy raw fish.


Nothing beats the heat like sunny-side up.


Coolpis (kimchee-flavored milk-based softdrink)


There's absolutely no way that asking for a

What it is:

If you know anything about the Korean delicacy kimchee, you'll probably know that some (crazy) people love it, and that other people can't stand to be within a hundred square miles of it.  With that in mind, you can probably go ahead and assume this isn’t the drink for you regardless of how close this beverages is to the taste of the real deal (our guess: close enough).

Why it's the perfect summer treat:

Why not wash down the rest of your tasty summer delicacies with the taste of fermented (i.e., rotten) cabbage, lots of pepper, and yogurt which may or may not be carbonated? (What is the Japanese definition of "soft drink," anyways? It seems to be quite liberal.)

Why you might want to scrub your tongue afterwards:

Where to begin? There's just so much wrong with the idea of this. First of all, if you're trying to cool off, why add pepper? And while it may soothe the heat of some Indian dishes, will yogurt really cool you down on a hot day? And why leave the whole thing around to rot? It's like a group of people got together and said "summer is a perfectly nice time of year, though a little hot. Why don’t we turn people’s attempts to escape the heat into a nightmare that will haunt you for the rest of your living days?"

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