5 Unethical Experiments Done in the Name of Science

  • May 03, 2010
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Moving away from scientists who hated children we have the CIA and their famous experiments with drugs during the 50’s and 60’s. This period was marked by a heightened paranoia of Soviet spies infiltrating the American society. So in order to protect the Unites States the CIA decided to test LSD on a bunch of unsuspecting citizens.

If the above sentence doesn’t seem to make sense to you, congratulations! You’re more logical than the CIA .

The first stop on their testing agenda was injecting several of their own agents, with acid, mescaline and LSD in order to see if they would reveal secret information. Think about it like torturing your own men to see if they would crack under pressure.

Once they collected the data on this stage of the experiment the CIA moved on to testing drugs on the general population. They did this by setting up nightclubs and paying women to slip drugs into men’s drinks. They even went as far as using brothels as a testing ground for various drugs since they knew that the male customers would be too embarrassed to report what happened.

Unfortunately most of the documents on these experiments were destroyed in the 70’s so there is no hard evidence on which the CIA could be prosecuted.

mk ultra


Oklahoma City Sonic Boom test

Continuing with experiments performed by the U.S. government without the public’s knowledge we have the Oklahoma Sonic Boom test. The idea behind this experiment was to test how much noise a citiy's population would accept before they started having serious psychological trouble.

This wasn’t the first test of its kind with the government flying planes over populated areas on purpose, several times in the past. However, this was the first time that the government conducted a long term experiment, measuring the sociological as well as the economic impact.

The experimenters even went as far as setting up fake complaint hotlines where the city’s population could leave detailed descriptions of how much they hated the planes flying over their houses. Of course nothing would be done about it and the experiment went on for six very loud months.

sonic boom

Nobody will mind these, right?

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Nobody will mind these, right?