5 Terrible Sleeping Disorders That Anyone Could Have

  • October 19, 2010
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Fatal Familia Insomnia

What It Is:

God's time bomb.

Fatal familia insomnia begins sometime during middle age, between the ages of thirty and sixty. Then things happen in stages. First, the patient has increased insomnia, eventually developing paranoia and panic attacks. Pretty typical for sleep disorder, right? Then comes stage two: intense hallucinations. For about five months. After nearly half a year of fearing sleep and seeing things that aren't really there, stage three occurs, resulting in a complete inability to sleep ever again. This has all sorts of charming side effects including rapid weight loss and a severely weakened immune system. Finally, dementia sets in, causing the patient to grow unresponsive or mute before eventually dying.


Oh, and before we forget, we'd like to wish all of our readers a good night's rest tonight. Here's hoping you aren't consumed by madness or felled by a coma.

What Causes It:

Fatal familia insomnia is a result of a genetic mutation present in about forty families worldwide, affecting about one-hundred or so people at present time. Despite everything presented by American comics, gene mutations are almost always horrible and rarely lead to fisticuffs with Dr. Doom.



The Really Bad Part:

There's no way to treat it or even slow it down. The whole process takes about seven to thirty-five months, promising everything short of a quick, painless death.


Sleepwalking Murder

What It Is:

Killing someone while you're asleep. Pretty straightforward, honestly.


Sleepwalking murder (or homicidal somnambulism for those of you with a pinch of class) has a long recorded history, reaching as far back as 1630. A man living in Paris got up while still asleep, grabbed his sword, swam across the Seine river and killed a man before crossing the river again and getting back into bed, managing to get more done in a single night of sleep than the average teenager can accomplish while fully awake.

What Causes It:

Another parasomnia, sleepwalking murder starts when the brain attempts to wake up, normally going through a process involving a number of stages, but is unable to do so and is thus stuck lingering between a state of being asleep and being awake. However, other factors greatly influence the actions themselves, such as depression, sleep deprivation, and thoughts of murder. You may think that last one is a bit silly, but some lawyers have argued that those who kill while sleeping planned on killing while they were awake.

The Really Bad Part:

In most cases, the victims are family members. That's because in the sleepwalking state the brain may rely on recent or long term memory. In one case, a man had planned on visiting his in-laws the next day. Sadly, he hadn't planned on meeting them to death. Even those without murderous intent can meet certain conditions to kill in their sleep and no one is really sure exactly what those conditions are.

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