5 Strange Facts About Everyday Food

  • January 30, 2011
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Tomatoes are a Fruit-Vegetable-Tax Shelter-Thing

Depending on who you are talking to, a tomato can have some severe identity issues.

Most people know that tomatoes are actually fruit by botanical definition of the word “fruit.” However, in the United States they are legally considered to be vegetables, and for a very silly reason. In 1983, a ten percent tax was placed on importing vegetables. John Nix, tomato importer and law abiding citizen, gladly paid his taxes until he came across the botanical definition of fruit and quickly realized that he had been had by his tax collector, Edward Hedden.


Edward Hedden, file photo.

Nix took Hedden to court in an attempt to get what the money he paid towards (what he saw as) unjust taxes back. The conflict saw itself rise the ranks to the Supreme Court itself, where it was ruled that tomatoes are a vegetable because the public called them vegetables. The case was thrown out in favor of capitalism and the case of Nix v. Hedden was won by Flimsy Logic and Poor Reasoning.


Peanuts Can Explode You

Peanuts are a pretty versatile food, proving to be both mankind's boon and bane, depending on whose hands they happen to fall into. George Washington Carver is often cited as the inventor of peanut butter, but in truth he made one-hundred and five different means of preparing peanuts so that they were fit (and desired) for human consumption. Foodies the world over have rejoiced since.


You're welcome, Mr. Peanut.

However, what people tend to forget about the peanut is that it can be used as a key ingredient in dynamite, man's response to things not exploding. In his studies, Carver found that peanuts can be used to create nitroglycerin, the proverbial “boom” in the boomstick. In fact, Carver's dying words were “Please, someone abuse the studies I have undertaken to better make people explode.”


Your wish is my command.

The process isn't exactly simple, though: the peanut oil has to be processed to make glycerol, which is then used to make nitroglycerin. You're average Joe Shmuck won't have the means to do this, and if he does then may God help us all.

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