5 Strange Eating Disorders

  • December 23, 2010
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While not a technical term wannarexia is most commonly used to describe people who want to become anorexic but are not diagnosed as such. Their desire isn't to have the disorder but to be considered by others to have it, essentially lumping them into the group of anorexics. Wannarexics achieve their goal by occasional or crash diets to achieve an underweight appearance and do so as a means to fit in with the specific social group or to be seen as cool. Wannarexia has no means of diagnosis and is found to affect teenage girls more than any other age group.


Pictures of anorexia are actually pretty unsettling, so here's that pie again.

Wannarexics are often rejected by organized groups of anorexics (termed as “pro-Ana”) for what they see as a lack of dedication to the anorexic lifestyle or for minimizing the seriousness of the disorder itself. Wannarexics mistakenly believe that having the disorder is a matter of choice and is not a medical issue.

Because it lacks a diagnosis, wannarexia isn't specified as any one eating disorder and is instead labeled as Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Because wannarexics look to achieve a certain weight loss goal they are much more likely to become either bored or satisfied with their appearance and give up before causing severe damage to themselves.


Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder

Much like NES, NSRED is both a sleeping and eating disorder. Unlike NES it is actually classified as an eating disorder because of its unique characteristics.

Those with NSRED eat while they are asleep; they will get out of bed two to three hours after falling asleep and travel to wherever food might be in their home, after which binge eating ensues. With age comes a frequency in these nightly trips. What's more, case studies have revealed that the food eaten during NSRED can be strange, sometimes non-food substances like wood, metal, glue, or foil. There's also a tendency to combine unlikely items, such as butter and cigarettes.


Another distinction from NES is the manner in which the food is eaten. Though not true for every case, doctors have observed that those with NSRED may eat in a way that is fast and reckless that could potentially harm them or others who may be nearby. Because they aren't fully awake they are generally messy and may not cook their food, leading to the consumption of raw meat.

Though diagnosis of the disorder can be easily made, potential patients could go their entire lives without ever realizing what they are doing at night.

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