5 Ridiculous Cases of Movie Director Egotism

  • November 12, 2010
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Michael Bay


Seriously, if he becomes the next Indiana Jones we will hunt you down and slit your fat throat.

First things first: you know that if you’re such a colossal jerk that even Megan Fox calls you out on it, there’s something more than a little wrong with you. So Michael Bay, there must be something really wrong with you. Let’s face it, Michael Bay wants desperately to be James Cameron. He makes huge budget films, just like Cameron, but he makes them with horrible dialogue and lots of scatological humor. Seriously, remember Bumblebee taking a whiz on John Turturro in Transformers? On second thought, let’s try to forget that out of respect for Turturro’s talent as an actor.

Anyway, after Fox publicly trashed Transformers 2, Bay went on a bit of a rant in which he trashed the so-called actress and part-time ice queen, during the course of which he basically took credit for the careers of Nic Cage, Ben Affleck, Shia LeBeouf, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Nevermind the fact that Cage comes from a little family called the Coppolas, Affleck won a little something called an Academy Award for Good Will Hunting, Smith was a huge rap and TV star, Lawrence a big time comedian who had a successful sitcom, and LeBeouf…well, okay Michael Bay, we’ll give you Shia. No, seriously, take him. It’s your fault we have to endure him, after all.


Brett Ratner


What happens to a toad that gets hit by lightning? What were you thinking!?

Quick, name three quality movies Brett Ratner has ever directed. No? Okay, how about two good movies? Maybe one? No, Rush Hour doesn’t count. Neither does Rush Hour 2, or Rush Hour 3 for that matter. Let’s just leave all Jackie Chan-related films out of this. And lord knows he ruined the X-Men franchise with X3, so clearly that’s out. At this point, probably the only decent film we can associate with the man we lovingly refer to as The Rat is Red Dragon, the remake of Manhunter starring Ed Norton and Anthony Hopkins.

What we’re saying is that Ratner doesn’t exactly have a sterling track record, so his enormous ego seems more than a little out of place. Yet by all accounts, Ratner is one of the most egomaniacal directors working today, and he doesn’t care who thinks it. He has publicly insulted the comic book fans who complained about X3, stating that “you gotta give it up for that guy [who complains], ‘cause he’s got nothin’ else going on in his life.” Move over James Cameron, we have a new king of the jerks!

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