5 Really Weird Phenomena That Only Happen in Winter

  • February 10, 2018
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Bizarre Ice Balls

Ice balls usually appear on the coasts of lakes when tiny ice orbs created in the water are moved toward the coast. As they are being pushed and rolled along the shore, additional layers of snow and ice are attached, making the balls grow bigger. Their size and weight may vary – some of them found on Lake Michigan this winter amounted to over 50 pounds. In 2016, even 11 miles of the Siberian coast in Russia were covered in ice balls.


Sun Dogs and Sun Halos

Even though sun halos may appear during any season, the greatest chance to see them is in winter when the sunlight breaks through the ice crystals formed in the high clouds. The rays get refracted twice, and the final result of such an occurrence is literally a halo or circle around the sun or even the moon sometimes. The strange halo can be either white, or it can contain the colors that are present in the rainbow. In the case of a sun dog, the sunlight only appears on both sides of the sun instead of forming a full circle.