5 Mysterious Alien Sightings From Ancient History

  • April 09, 2018
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UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters are a modern phenomenon that became popular around the world in the 1950s, and while they seem to occur daily these days, some strange events were witnessed throughout history, thousands of years before our time. Some extremely mysterious and eerie events were recorded and witnessed by many people in ancient times, and from today's point of view, these stories draw strange comparisons to modern reports of close encounters. Take a look at 5 really puzzling reports about unexplainable alien encounters from ancient times.


Aerial Sailors

In 815 AD, Agobard, a bishop from Lyon wrote about a strange world in the sky named Magonia. The bishop's writings reveal that he saw aerial sailors and many flying ships traveling through the clouds of Magonia. It's said that the inhabitants of Magonia used to create storms using magic, descend from the sky, and steal grain. The writings also describe an unusual incident in which four people fell from one of the ships and Agobard had to stop the townspeople from wanting to harm the mysterious aerial sailors.


Angel Hair

Many current reports about alien encounters often describe the presence of a weird hair-like substance that gets left behind or falls from the sky after a UFO sighting. The substance often has a silver color and sightings of it have also been mentioned in ancient records several times. In 89 BC, the strange substance was spotted falling over the skies of Rome, and in 214 BC, it was seen in the ancient city of Cales. In 196 AD, a historian wrote about silver rain falling in Rome and leaving behind a strange residue which disappeared after four days.


Celestial Chariots

In 70 AD, a report made by Josephus described a strange phenomenon that was sighted in the clouds over Judea. One day, the sky was suddenly lit up by many flying chariots and battalions of armed soldiers that were flying through the clouds. Josephus' report might sound like a fabricated story, however, many witnesses were present, and they reported seeing the same phenomenon. Records have shown that this battle in the sky was also spotted in many other cities in Judea and a lot of people heard loud noises in the clouds and experienced strange earthquakes on the ground.