5 Movie Franchises That Went on Way Too Long

  • December 22, 2010
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A Nightmare on Elm Street – (7) Sequels (1) Reboot


Okay so most everyone is familiar with Freddy Kruger, the claw wielding maniac featured in the Nightmare on Elm Street horror flicks. For crying out loud there have been eight films, a TV show, statues, sticker books, toys, novels, comics, a billion Halloween costumes and one reboot which we choose to ignore. The original series was created by Wes Craven and first slashed its way into the hearts of horror fans in 1984. The story in the first movie was about Freddy slicing and dicing his way through Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and all of her friends in their nightmares,


If you look hard enough you’ll see a young (smitten) Tim Burton hiding in the bushes.

The franchise took its first immediate weird turn with it less than popular sequel, Freddy’s Revenge. The sequel oddly revolved around Freddy possessing the body of Jesse Walsh (Mark Patton) and using him to kill for him. It made next to no sense and pretty much dumped the key dream aspect that made the first movie so popular. While the rest of the series returned to basics (dream killings) things still got stale and repetitive relatively fast. There’s also the fact that as time went on the character of Freddy was turned into a catchphrase spewing clown and a shell of his former darker self.


Pants Pissin’ Scary vs. Ridiculous

By the time the long anticipated Freddy vs. Jason movie finally came out in 2003, Freddy had lost almost all of his edge.


This would have been insanely cool to see sometime in the early 90’s. Not so much in the 2000’s.


The Land Before Time – (12) Sequels


Last but clearly not least on our list is the Land Before Time. As of this writing, this popular series about cutesy little dinosaurs has spawned a whopping thirteen animated sequels (and a TV show). The successful children’s film franchise began way back in 1988. It was initially directed and produced by Don Bluth and executive produced by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.


Look George, we’re being mentioned for the 800th time on Weirdworm by the same obsessive writer!

The flick that started it all was about an orphan brontosaurus named Littlefoot who set off in search of a legendary “Great Valley” which was supposedly a flourishing land where dinosaurs thrived in peace and harmony (sorta like a prehistoric Woodstock). Along the way Littlefoot met some dino friends and naturally they encountered several complications and learned some life lessons on their journey.


The original movie was enough of a success that is was followed up by a twelve direct-to-video sequels. Direct-to-video being the key part of the unfortunate equation. Predictably none of the sequels involved the talent of Bluth, Lucas or Spielberg. The common criticism by fans is that the movies became pretty much an endless cash-grab for the studio. The sheer number of sequels is a bit of a running gag at this point.


C’mon gang! We’re off to entertain the kiddies again! Their mommies and daddies need some (loud and sweaty) alone time!


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