5 MORE Wrestlers Who Achieved Awesomeness…Outside the Ring

  • September 17, 2010
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In the Ring

The Rock’s in-ring status is the stuff of legend. He is clearly one of the most popular and recognizable WWE superstars of all time. He’s right up there with Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Bushwacker Luke. For years, The Rock rocked WWE fans, won numerous titles and pretty much accomplished everything a person could hope to achieve in professional wrestling. Just watch this vid and witness the incredible aura and presence he had… and this was arguably not even his prime.

As we mentioned earlier, he also made use of the “People’s Champ” moniker and took it to whole new level. For some reason DDP never saw fit to sue The Rock. Perhaps DDP failed to copyright the catchphrase on time.


Imagine a world without the “People’s Eyebrow”.

Outside the Ring

The mega success of The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson's wrestling persona paved the way for his cross over into pop icon / mainstream celeb status. Dwayne (as he is now regularly called) has appeared in numerous TV and film roles. He has also made a variety of guest appearances on Saturday Night Live, reviving his classic character “The Rock Obama.”

Although Dwayne has arguably had more ups than downs in Hollywood, we do have to warn him… one more film like this and he’s off the list.


One too many kiddie films = Career DOOM




In the Ring

Antonio is one of the most famous and popular wrestlers in the history of Japanese professional wrestling. We’re can’t even begin to describe the awesomeness of his jaw alone. He began his historic career in 1966 in Tokyo Pro Wrestling. By 1972, he founded his own promotion called New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He spent his career doing everything in his power to prove that wrestling is a sport worthy of respect. Known as a remarkable grappler in his own right, he had many prominent matches. His most famous bout was a wrestler vs. boxer match in which he battled the legend Muhammad Ali. The odd pairing helped pave the way for Mixed Martial Arts, which has since grown in popularity.


UFC fans best recognize!

WWE welcomed Antonio Inoki into their Hall of Fame Class of 2010. Surprisingly, they didn’t dress him up as a giant turkey, make him dance with Snoop Dogg or get splashed by Hornswoggle as WWE Divas dressed in Baywatch outfits jiggled around in the background.


That last option probably wouldn’t have been so bad.

Outside the Ring

In 1989, Inoki established the Sports and Peace Party in Japan. He was also elected to the House of Councillors of the National Diet of Japan. During his time in office, Inoki represented his nation in meetings with Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein, whom he met with for the release of prisoners from Iraq prior to the Gulf War. Saddam respectfully presented the wrestler with a pair of golden swords.

Speaking of respect, during one visit to a school in the 1980s, Inoki was punched twice by a student during a demonstration. Inoki followed up the punches with a strong slap to the student’s face. You know you want to see this…

As it turned out the student, was a big Inoki fan, and couldn’t have been happier for the slap. The outrageous incident became very famous in Japan. Since then, many grapplers have respectfully requested that Inoki slap them to install courage in them. The slap has come to be known as the "Fighting Spirit (or Tōkon) Slap."

Inoki is always happy to oblige.


“Thank you sir! May I have another?”

Did you fail to smell what we were cooking? Got some 'wrasslers' you feel need representing? Drop a comment below!

Written by Anthony Quaglia – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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