5 Journalists (Who Gave Everything for the Story)

  • August 06, 2010
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Zahra Kazemi

Who She Was:

A freelance photographer, Kazemi was born in Iran before jumping ship for France to get on that sweet, socialist University education. In 1993, she moved to Canada, specifically Montreal, Quebec, and acquired dual citizenship. She travelled extensively to photograph a number of dangerous situations and places, including visits to Africa, Latin-America and Palestine. Since she figured that didn’t prove she had big enough lady-cajones, she then went on to document Afghanistan and Iraq (both before and after the war began).


The Last Story:

After all the dangerous places she had been to and came away from unscathed, her last story actually came from her native country of Iran. In July of 2003, she went to take pictures of demonstrations taking place in the Iranian capital of Tehran. When they were crushed by the military and police, she photographed the people who went begging to find out what happened to their family members at the government holding facility. Despite her press card and the fact she was taking pictures of people, not government buildings (as she would be accused), she was arrested.

The Aftermath:

Kazemi died 19 days after her arrest in an Iranian military hospital. The official story of the government was that she went on a hunger strike, causing her to become “dizzy” and hit her head, which ultimately killed her. In truth, she was beaten and tortured by the Iranian military, her interrogators escaped punishment and the physician who examined her had to flee the country. She was posthumously awarded the Tara Singh Hayer Memorial Award for her courage by the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.


The Poison Kitchen

Who They Were:

The Poison Kitchen consisted of a number of writers for the Munich Post, including Julius Zerfass, Martin Gruber, Edmund Goldschagg, and Erhard Auer. The paper was founded by the Bavarian Social Democratic Party, serious opponents of the infamous Nazi party. The name “poison kitchen” came from Hitler himself, referring to the paper “cooking up poisonous slander”, most of which was very much true. By late 1931, before Hitler had officially come to power, the Munich Post was publishing what have turned out to be very accurate predictions of the horrors to come, including the treatment of Jews.

The Last Story:

In 1932, the group was rallying sentiment against the Nazis, and infuriating Hitler specifically through a combination of investigation and speculation about his personal life. Even after Hitler officially became Chancellor in January of 1933, the group continued to sound the alarm about the Nazi party. They published reports on the crimes committed by the SS under headlines like “Nazi Party Hands Dripping with Blood”.


The Aftermath:

On March 9th, 1933 all opposition newspapers were outlawed by the Nazi’s. Offices were looted and burned. The entirety of the Poison Kitchen staff were imprisoned and subsequently disappeared, never to turn up. The Nazi party would go on to commit atrocities unseen in modern history, just as the “Poison Kitchen” had predicted. The Kitchen itself, and the role they played as early opposition to Hitler and his supporters, would disappear to near obscurity.

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