5 Incredible Movies Actually Based on Real Life

  • January 08, 2011
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The Movie


We're sure you know what Titanic was about, so we won't go into that and bore you with a scathing summary.

But what the hell, we are going to do it anyway. Leo Dicaprio won a ticket to the most awesomest ride of that time period and then proceeded to romance a girl way out of his league by being poor.


But cool.

Following that, the ship hits a rock and all is lost. Leo draws Kate naked and random people play violins. Teenage girls all over the world subsequently wet themselves.

Real Life

You probably think that although the RMS Titanic really sunk, the far-fetched story cannot possibly be real right?

Well, it can.

Okay actually it can't, but David Cameron remained surprisingly faithful to history and a total of 25 real people were portrayed in the movie. The Captain was real and so was the first mate and almost everybody in first class. There was even a real person called J. Dawson.

The romance between Dawson and Kate Winslet was obviously fake, owing to the fact that Winslet's character did not exist, but we can't really blame Cameron on this. Imagine a movie with just bunch of upper-class people hanging around and a ship randomly sinking.


Imagine how boring that would be.


Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs

The Movie


As you all know, Psycho was a great American classic about some dude possessed by his dead mother and goes around killing women he likes because his dead mother was jealous. It was a film that redefined suspense and in 1960 was the epitome of awesome, but sadly present day people are a lot less simple and the modern remake failed miserably.


They used to call this an explosion


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise encompassed six movies and was basically about an incestuous red-neck family that was eating people. They gave the world Leatherface, the man who would go on to define the entire franchise. Leatherface was like his family, deranged and cannibalistic, but also had a bit of bat-shit on top of the insane. He wore masks made out of skin and each mask possessed him with a different personality. A bit like your Aunt Muriel's hats, but you know, made from people.

The Silence of the Lambs brought us the ever menacing Hannibal Lector, but this is not about him. The antagonist of the film (if you do not count ole Hannibal as one) was the serial killer/cross dresser Jame Gumb. Although he did not eat people, he made up for his lack of cannibalism by trying to wear entire suits made from skin.


Jame, son of dyslexic parents.

Real Life

Allow us to introduce you to Edward Theodore Gein, the muse behind all three movies. He was a murderer, cross dresser, mother channeler, skin wearer and all round demented psychopath. This guy was a trifecta of horror movies.


And he is not easily impressed.

Eddie was born in Wisconsin to religious wacko parents who hated each other but stayed together because divorce was sin. From a young age, his (self) righteous mother sheltered him extensively and told him all about the countless evils of the world -- money, alcohol, women, fast food, cracking knuckles etc.

Born with an effeminate demeanor and an overbearing mother, Ed was believed to have committed his first act of murder in 1940 when he led a search party to his dead brother and blamed everything on a bush-fire. They bought his story and that was that.


Must have been a terrible fire.

Except that it wasn't that. In 1957, Ed was arrested for the murder of one Bernice Worden and that was when the shit came out of the bag (and hit the fan). Police searched his house and found ten heads, nine vulvae and all sorts of other human paraphernalia.

Turns out, he had been collecting body parts for decades, going to graveyards and digging up people who he thought would resemble his dead mother. He would then strip them of their skin so that he could wear a woman suit because he badly wanted a sex change and he was crazy.

He eventually died in 1984 in a mental hospital after his car got burnt down and his car sold off to a carnival sideshow.

Written by Ethan Lou – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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