5 Hilariously Ridiculous Acts of "Justice"

  • November 15, 2010
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Forehead Tattoo

What was the crime?

This one isn’t funny at all. Really – we aren’t trying to be sarcastic. The crime was molestation and murder. A certain Anthony Stockelman molested and then killed a 10-year-old girl named Katie Collman and was sentenced to life in prison for his horrific crime, and rightfully so.

What was the revenge?

A tattoo.

While the crime isn’t funny, the revenge was deliciously ironic. The killer must have woken up with the tattoo on his head, or, more likely, no one heard him screaming as he was held down and tattooed.


Not nearly as painful as this one must have been, both physically and emotionally.

Nonetheless, the convict was found with the word’s “Katie’s Revenge” on his forehead.

Police think that the tattooing was done by an inmate, probably because he was pissed that he sharing a room with a murderer [citation needed].

Whatever anyone says, the tattoo is brilliant. Plus, he’ll be forced to “face his crime” every time he looks in the mirror.


Sewn-Shut Anus

What was the crime?

Not tipping well enough.

Specifically, midwives in China are generally given tips before the birth, according to this midwife, anyway.


Moils always get tips.

She had been hinting along the road for extra money for the duties she had performed as midwife for the soon-to-be-mother Zhang. After much pestering, her husband, Chen, gave her roughly fifteen dollars worth in Chinese currency as a tip.

Unsurprisingly, that didn’t satisfy the midwife very much.

What was the revenge?

Sewing the woman’s bung hole shut.


The husband claimed that the midwife’s reason for this crazy act was due to his low tip. However, such an act seems way out of proportion. You don’t just go and sew someone’s butt shut when they don’t pay you enough. You just ask for more and threaten to sew their butt shut.

Written by Sam Blitz – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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