5 Hilariously Ridiculous Acts of "Justice"

  • November 15, 2010
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Justice forms the bedrock of our civilization. Without it, we would be nothing but dancing cavemen, hilariously burning ourselves on tasty, tasty fire. However, some people take justice a little bit too far. These are their stories.


Bunny Kidnapped

What was the crime?

Apparently, owning a rabbit.

The Bailey’s, a British family, bought a rabbit called Barney when little Kiera Bailey had a bad experience at school. It had been nine years since then. The rabbit received much love and attention, living a good life. It had already lived more than twice the average lifespan of a normal domestic rabbit.


Not quite as old as this rabbit, but it was getting there.

What was the revenge?

An unknown animal rights activist stole the rabbit from the family.

Apparently, due to the domestic nature of the rabbit, the creature was not getting the exercise nor the social experiences that it would have been getting, were it in the wild. So, being the successful Elmer Fud that this probable-PETA member was, he stole the rabbit and, most likely, got it killed.

Allegedly, the animal rights activist let the rabbit into the wild after stealing the rabbit and leaving a note in its stead:


Likely brought to be brought up on additional charges for poor grammar.

The rabbit wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild due to its age and domestic nature. Guess the animal rights activist didn’t think things through.


Dog Barking is Serious Business

What was the crime?

A dog’s bark.

Brit Catherine Farrell got a Yorkshire terrier, one of the cutest types of dogs known to man. Unfortunately for both her and her neighbor, Andrew Nicklin, the dog enjoyed doing dog things – chasing birds (probably), crapping in the lawn (probably), and barking (definitely).

It turns out that Andrew Nicklin was deeply pissed off about the dog’s “persistent barking.” He couldn’t handle that damn dog!


That damn dog!

What was the revenge?

It’s a classic case of one-upmanship. A guy parks in his neighbor’s driveway, his neighbor steals his newspaper. The first guy lights his neighbor’s house on fire, the neighbor kills him with a crossbow. These things happen all the time.

So after hearing the dog barking (apparently) for hours on end, the man decided to get proactive. First he banged on the dividing fence. Then he played drums loudly. When that still didn’t work… he recorded the dog’s bark  and played it back at maximum volume at 3am. Because that definitely wouldn’t have pissed him off as well.


I really should have thought through playing “My Achy Breaky Heart” at full volume.


Hamster Care

What was the crime?

Sketchy. A man had, reportedly, been threatening two Cambridge undergrads, David Jordan and James Cole (possibly because he had a thing against firsty-firsties). There had been a police announcement prior to the incident, warning students about the man because they believed him to be dangerous.

About four months after the David Jordan was threatened, he saw the guy on the street, followed him to his home, and then “talked” to the guy. Apparently, there was an “argument” and it didn’t end well.


Two famous “arguers” “talking.”

What was the revenge?

The two undergrads decided to mail the man a hamster. Yes. A living, breathing, fuzzy cuddly hamster. They literally stuck it in a box and then sent it off.

They claim that they were drunk at the time, but the evidence for it was shaky. When they bought the hamster, the clerk at the animal store said they looked sober. They then put it into a box, addressed it to the guy, and put it in the mail. Because that is definitely something that drunken people would do.


“Hey… hey… guys… I gots a idea…! Let’s… let’s hamster the guy a mail!”

Their motive behind the action was to “make him look after it”.