5 Greatest 'Screw You' Moments in Popular Music

  • December 09, 2010
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Blur vs. Oasis

Sometimes the media will spur a rivalry where none exists. Such is the case with the “Battle of Britpop” between Blur and Oasis that took place during the mid-nineties. Blur of course are credited with reviving the popularity of British pop music abroad while Oasis are known for being the third best Beatles cover band in the world, right behind the Beatle Barkers.


Barkermania, baby.

Initially the two bands were fans of one another before British music publications like New Music Express began to reference a chart battle taking place with Blur and Oasis at the forefront. As the story spread things grew hostile between the acts and soon a full-on media war was taking place. Blur frontman Damon Albarn openly took shots at Oasis during interviews with the press. Meanwhile, Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher expressed his hatred of Blur, wishing they would “catch AIDS and die.”



Eventually Blur won the alleged battle. Both bands released new singles on the same day with Blur selling more copies. However, Oasis found absurd success with the song Wonderwall, ultimately winning any sort of perceived media battle they would get in in the future and until the end of time.


Jerry Lee Lewis vs. Chuck Berry

In the early days of rock n' roll things were different. You didn't need to wear eyeliner to push records and you certainly didn't need to bite the head off of a dove to get a record deal, though it probably didn't hurt.


Unless you're the dove, of course.

Early rock pioneers Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry stood out for their distinctive styles of playing. Berry, an eventual hall of famer, made a name for himself by refining rhythm and blues with swanky solos. Meanwhile Lewis played his “pumping piano” by striking it in every way from every possible angle, regardless of how silly that may have looked.

The two talents were tapped to perform at a concert with both artists believing that they would be the closer. Unable to settle the issue themselves, the concert promoter urged Lewis to play first, making Berry the closer and presumably most memorable act of the evening. What followed was Lewis executing the greatest cock block in musical history:

After performing an impassioned setlist and working the crowd into a frenzy Lewis called it good by setting his piano on fire, rendering the instrument useless and potentially damning everyone in attendance.


Thank you for the applause, but we should all consider fleeing the building now.

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