5 Fictional Things People Actually Practice

  • June 01, 2010
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Tolkien’s Elvish Language

First and foremost, the person who initially took this Elvish language way too seriously was the man himself, JRR Tolkien. Along with penning what was voted as the greatest novel of the 20th century in Lord of the Rings, Tolkien took his attention to detail to what some might call the furthest extent possible. And by that we mean he invented an entire freaking language. Not just a few words here and there to fit his story, either. Nope, he invented an entire language with proper syntax, grammar, and so on and so on.

Perhaps inspired by Tolkien’s dedication to his craft and (based on the time that must have been spent creating this language) a very lonely existence, people around the world have taken the time to actually learn Elvish. In fact, there’s even the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship (E.L.F. – get it?) which dedicates its time to the “scholarly study” of Tolkien’s Elvish language. This group has actual print journals, which you can subscribe to, and we’re just going to go ahead and guess lots of single members. Just call it a hunch.

tolkiens elvish language

Evidence that Tolkien had way too much time on his hands


The Church of Ned Flanders

So far on this list we’ve been looking at science fiction and fantasy worlds that seem to be coming to life throughout the world, which makes sense considering the unfortunate number of live action role players (or “LARPers” as they apparently like to be called) that exist. But why should LARPing be limited to just the worlds of science fiction and fantasy? That seems a little narrow, wouldn’t you agree? Why not dedicate your life not to the made up languages or sports, but to…Ned Flanders?

Believe it or not, apparently in the United Kingdom there are people who dedicate their lives to living like Ned Flanders. And not just living a clean, virtuous Christian lifestyle, either (though that is the driving force). Nope, these people have actually dressed up like Ned Flanders for “Ned Flanders Night” which comes complete with a Zeppelin tribute band called “Ned Zeppelin.” The idea is that among all Christian representations on television, Ned Flanders is the most innocent, pure and faithful character there is, and these people respect and embrace his lifestyle and choose to make it their own. Considering that when The Simpsons first hit the airwaves it was attacked by the Christian right, it really is remarkable just how much the times have changed.

the church of ned flanders

Hi-Dilly Ho, neighborino! How can I diddy-damage your soul today?

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