5 Fashion Trends That Double as Self Defense

  • August 21, 2010
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Cute and evil. Just like a kitten!

Again, we have to hand it to the geniuses who designed these multifunctional gems here. Depending on the necklace construction, it can be used either as a hefty weapon, a restraining device, or an escape mechanism. Just like Indian Jones, who never had his whip far from his side, a woman with a necklace need never fear.

You've got your long, dangly necklaces, spiked necklaces, chunky necklaces (which can weigh a surprising amount; you wouldn't want to get one of those to the face), and everything in between. With all the options, wearing a charm such as brass knuckles on your necklace seems almost redundant.

But of course, the most important aspect of whether or not to select a fashion accessory that doubles as a tool defense is whether or not it satisfies the whims of fashion. And with the endless options in the necklace selection department, you're likely to be able to make a choice that's more than adequate.


Dogs in Purses

dogs in purses

Awww, it's so vicious!

We know what you're thinking: toy dogs such as Chihuahuas are the most pointless fashion accessory since the ridiculously pointed shoes of the 1400's (and yes, if you're wondering, those men are compensating for something.) When you buy a new blouse or miniskirt, you don't have to worry about feeding it nor taking it out for poopies, now do you? Of course, many of the women who make use of this fashion accessory also don't worry about that kind of thing. If you're guessing that these fashion accessories need frequent replacement, you would be guessing very and sadly right.

But ladies, you might be wondering in what situation these animals will come in handy. Well, there's always the chance that your purse with the dog inside will be stolen, and then the animal can unleash its unholy fury on your attacker. Or, if you simply can't stand the thought of another parking ticket, you can get your Chihuahua to attack the police officer, like these ones did.

Still think that Chihuahuas are cute and cuddly, or at least small enough not to hurt anyone? This video proves that when it comes to fifteen pound mongrels with sharp teeth, it’s not just the Olsen twins you have to worry about.

Do you have another story? Defend yourself once with a pair of legwarmers? We want to hear about it in the comments section!

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