5 Examples of Rural Entertainment That Could End in Disaster

  • May 22, 2010
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paintball airsoft01

Only moderately terrifying.

What it is:

Paintball and Airsoft are two absolutely, completely different sports according to their practitioners, who are rabid fans of one or the other, and rarely both. They are two “sports” that both involve shooting non-lethal projectiles at opposing team members, either melee style or in the course of trying to achieve an objective. But one has paint, so they’re totally different.

Why it's awesome:

Again, you get all the heart-pounding action of battle without (much) chance of death. Paintballs leave attractive splatter marks, and Airsoft pellets can leave pleasing bruises.

Why it could end in disaster:

It's just little rubber balls filled with paint. How bad could the damage be?

paintball airsoft02


Does there really have to be a reason that firing things at people could be dangerous? That's how the arms race started in the first place. "Oh, look at the hole that thing put in Ugg. How can we make it worse?"


Catfish Noodling

Nothing can really describe catfish noodling quite like this video:

catfish noodling

Picture standing in this, with your arm down the fish's throat.

Why it's awesome:

A lot of "man vs. nature" stuff gives the man in question a huge leg up over nature. With all of our fishing rods, guns and cars, it's less of a "vs." and more of a pure, unadulterated pummeling. Catfish noodling takes the competition back to the basics: one man, one fish, and nothing but an arm and a set of teeth between the two of them.

Although, it kind of makes you wonder how catfish survived for so long with a penchant for swallowing large things when they don't know what's on the other end.

Why it could end in disaster:

There's a reason that we moved away from the whole "wrestling wild animals for our meals" thing. Wild animals are dangerous. Also, it's bad enough getting down and dirty with a known beast, but who knows what other kinds of nasty creatures are wandering around in those murky waters? In fact, noodling is only legal in eleven of the fifty states. Try to guess which ones.

And we're sure, of course, that those men are going straight to the first aid kit to put on some antibiotic lotion and clean up their cuts... ah, who are we kidding? Pouring a beer over it works just as well, although it's an awful waste of a beer.

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