5 Disasters and How They’ll Kill You in the Opposite Way You’d Think

  • October 11, 2010
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Global Warming

Global Warming is an event that could possibly cause melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels, raised temperatures, and widespread famine. These are all good reasons to not invite Global Warming to a party. What this potential catastrophe has in destructive power, it lacks in creativity. The earth will keep getting warmer and we’ll all be in trouble - pretty simple, right? Luckily, people from the future have sent a robot back in time to warn us about Global Warming: Al Gore.


All these years, it was never C02 at all…

Hearing ‘Global Warming’ and thinking ‘freezing to death’ would be like hearing ‘Steve Jobs’ and not thinking ‘black turtleneck’. But it’s very possible that a mass melting of the northern ice caps would send a great deal of cold water into the Gulf Stream currents - currents which take warm water into the northern hemisphere (like the UK) keeping it as habitable as it is today. Without these currents, areas like England could reach temperatures comparable to another area of the same latitude: Canada.

If global warming disrupts these currents, temperatures in these northern areas will plummet and the land might even become covered in ice. If there is enough ice, there is an increase in albeado, the reflection of sunlight off light colored surfaces. This leads to a further reduction in temperature, creating more ice and possibly a runaway, ‘snowball earth’ scenario. The only way to get out of such a hellish ice prison is to wait for volcanoes to pump out enough C02 to melt the ice. In the end, it’s pretty clear that whether it’s saving us or killing us, C02 is a massive dick.



Volcanoes are misunderstood creatures. Most people think that they only exist for two reasons: to kill Icelanders and to destroy evil rings. The truth is that volcanoes are numerous and scattered across the globe, ready to kill us in strange ways. We expect that these mountainous jerks will soon threaten every aspect of our lives, from sex to sports.

The misconception is that volcanoes cause death by sending a slow stream of lava down their slopes, killing the handicapped, the homeless, the lazy and the Italian. Actually, Volcanoes aren’t that sneaky and this type of destruction is very unlikely. Rarely are people caught by lava when a volcano erupts.


Extremely concerned the lava will catch him

Volcanoes won’t hesitate to freeze you to death however. A large enough volcanic eruption can cause millions of cubic tons of gas and ash to be sent high into the atmosphere. These particles can block out enough sunlight to drop the average world temperature up to one degree. We know what you’re saying, “one degree, what can that do?”

This single degree doubled the mortality rate of some European countries. This is exactly what happened in 1816, known as the “Year Without A Summer”. When Mount Tambora, in Indonesia, erupted, the Earth’s temperature dropped enough to cause snow in Albany, New York… on June 6th. Frost from the chill caused crops to die and lead to a massive famine that is reported to have killed somewhere around 100,000 Irish alone - almost half of the Bono-related deaths annually. The whole ordeal confirmed the belief that you don’t mess with Mother Nature unless you get her to knit you mittens first.

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Written by Zachary Alan Wrigh – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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