5 Creepy Stories About Haunted Cars

  • March 13, 2018
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James Dean's Cursed Porsche

James Dean suffered a tragic death in a traffic accident at the height of his fame in 1955. After his death, legends and strange stories surrounding his customized Porsche 550 Spyder grew, and the car that the actor died in became one of the most famous haunted vehicles ever. The strange story began way back when Dean bought the car. Allegedly, actor Alec Guinness warned him that if he entered the car, he would die within seven days. Sadly, Guinness' warning came true. After Dean's death, the car passed on to famous car customization specialist George Barris who sold some of the car's original parts, and the drivers that installed them in their cars ended up getting into accidents that killed or seriously injured them. On one occasion, Barris stored the car in a garage, but the entire garage caught fire and mysteriously burned to the ground, however, the Porsche was completely intact. The car was once transported by a truck and the driver mysteriously lost control, fell out of the truck, and got crushed by the Porsche. After that, the car was never seen again.


Franz Ferdinand's Car

Franz Ferdinand was in his Graf & Stift car when he was murdered on the street in 1914, and the infamous assassination is known for causing the outbreak of WWI. The legend says that after Ferdinand's death, the car became haunted. It's said that the car had 15 owners in the next 12 years and that it caused 13 violent deaths. The sinister car is currently located in a museum in Vienna, Austria.