5 Creepiest Creatures From Native American Mythology

  • February 01, 2018
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Ice Giant

According to the Wabanaki tribe mythology, the Ice Giant or Chenoo, as they call it, used to be a human whose heart was turned into ice by the gods as a punishment for a heinous crime he once perpetrated. However, the man's restless spirit stayed frozen in the body of a giant creature which resembles a troll and is said to attack and annihilate and eat anyone who is unlucky enough to encounter it.



The Skinwalker primarily belongs to the mythology of the Navajo people, and it is the counterpart of a werewolf. The Skinwalker is commonly a cursed shaman who participates in demonic rituals in order to invoke evil spirits. If a person desires to become a Skinwalker, they need to pass a test which is quite sinister – to murder a loving relative. One of the Skinwalker’s primary abilities is shape-shifting, i.e. the ability to transform into an animal, usually the ones that the Navajo people fear most - wolves, coyotes, crows or owls. However, if a Skinwalker remains in the form of an animal for a long time, its humanity will completely disappear.