5 Celebrities Whose Careers Took Ironic Twists

  • May 24, 2010
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Ice-T Kills Cops, then Plays One

ice t

The Difference:

Ice T was once a rapper who played by nobody’s rules other than his own and probably the ones set up by his mom when he visited her on Thanksgiving. No song has ever shown this more than his infamous “Cop Killer” – a protest song that spoke out against police brutality. It claimed that cops were corrupt and could not be trusted, and the best way to deal with them was violence. Naturally, once his rap career died down, he moved on to social rights movements or civil law cases, protecting the public from corrupt cops. Wait, no, our mistake, he went on to play Detective Fin on Law and Order.

ice t01

I will kill you – or at least pretend to.

How Important is it:

While the difference here isn’t super important, being on the street gives you pretty good background for playing a cop, this is definitely the most ironic career move in Hollywood. Ice T went from being THE thug to the star of Law and Order’s sister’s show’s secondary plots. But at least he gets to wear that cool leather jacket.


The Beach Boys Front Man is a Hydrophobe


The Difference:

Brian Wilson, lead singer of the Beach Boys, helped to write, arrange, and produce most of the iconic band's songs. He and the band churned out some of the most popular hits in the last century. Anyone who has ever owned a pookah shell necklace will vouch that they’re, like, totally radical man. In fact, it was later revealed Wilson was biggest talent in the band, the driving force behind the band and some of its greatest works like Surfer Girl, Surfin' Safari, and Surfin' USA. Wow, Wilson must have loved the water…or, you know, been deathly afraid of it. A self-described hydrophobe, Wilson was deathly afraid of the water from a young age; in fact, it was his brother who was the avid surfer in the family. He often struggled with various mental health related issues, and constantly worried that his young years as “a beach boy” would pigeon hole his career. Which is totally ridiculous.


Ok… maybe he’s got a point there.

How important is it:

We’ll call this about a 10 out of 10. Now it’s no doubt that Wilson went on to create some of the most profound and creative music in the past fifty years, but we do think that when you’re hit songs are basically surf inspired ear pr0n, you gotta at least be willing to dip your toes in.

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