4 Weird Things Accomplished With Urine

  • July 28, 2010
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Pee as an Alternative Power Source in Battle

If you are reading this, you are obviously using a computer. And there is an awfully good chance that the computer you are using is a laptop, right? Because desktops are so 1990’s, aren’t they? Anyway, you will probably get up from the computer at some point to take a leak, especially while reading an article like this, which is dealing exclusively with urine. Well don’t be so quick to flush that toilet, junior, because that yellow stuff you are sending down your sewage pipes could actually power that laptop of yours for four hours. What an incredible innovation, right? Putting pee to good use as an alternative power source?

Well we have some news for you, this means of getting electrical power is not all that new. In fact, this type of battery has actually been traced back 2000 years. You read that right. We didn’t add two extra zeroes there, or even one extra zero. We’re talking about the potential for Jesus to power Zune or Sonicare or whatever they had back then.

Terracotta jars that contained copper cylinders and an iron rod were discovered and it is believed they could actually produce low level voltage when powered by something acidic. Like lemon juice or, you know, urine. And now this technology is being looked at as a battlefield battery, because in a pinch, urine is something that every soldier can produce. Depending on how much wattage it can actually generate, pee powered electricity may find its way into war sooner rather than later.


Baghdad Batteries are mysterious relics, like the pyramids or Betty White.


Hiker Survived on an All Pee Diet

If you had not figured it out by now, urine is a pretty handy thing to have around when you’re in a life threatening situation. It can be used as an antiseptic and used to be used to sterilize battlefield wounds, and as we pointed out with the Meng brothers it can also be used as a means of survival. Well, the Meng brothers are not the only ones who have consumed their own pee in order to survive a harrowing accident. Paul Beck, a British hiker, found himself stranded on a mountain for six days after he slipped and fell 300 meters down the slope, breaking and dislocating his hip in the process.

Trapped on the mountainside, Beck was in too much pain and too far up the steep slope to be able to drag himself to the nearest town. He somehow managed to survive for six days in below freezing temperatures and stay hydrated by drinking his own urine, which he described as “salty and not nice.” Well, then. We really have to hand it to Beck for his courage in such a terrible situation, and we don’t mean to nitpick, but we can’t help but wonder – did it ever occur to him that he might have been able to, you know, eat the snow instead?


We’re just sayin’, that’s an awful lot of frozen water…

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