4 Things People Refuse to Believe Aren’t Real

  • April 22, 2010
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It’s pretty easy to see why people get so caught up in the possibility that ghosts are real. One would think the primary reason is that frankly, people want to believe in an afterlife. The fear of the unknown causes folks to question what happens when you die, and in lieu of answers and because we don’t want to believe our loved ones are gone, we often choose to imagine they are either in heaven, hell, or the bedroom down the hall, trying to get Haley Joel Osment to talk to them. With the insane popularity of shows like Ghost Hunters, which has spawned two spinoffs and countless rip offs, the belief in ghosts has probably never been as widespread as it is right now.

You might think that people were crazy for believing their great aunt Ginny decided to hang around and scare the cr@? out of people because she had nothing better to do, but by that logic, based on the sheer number of “hauntings” and “sightings” that have been reported for hundreds of years, then a large portion of the world’s population would have to be officially nuts. The truth is, you can hardly visit a town that doesn’t have a supposedly haunted house, and you can hardly turn on the TV without some group of plumbers trying to figure out if there’s any truth behind these hauntings. Of course if people really wanted to save time and get to the bottom of things they’d just call Bill Murray. He ain’t afraid of no ghosts.




Out of all the legends on this list, probably none has quite the fabled history of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. After all, it was Plato – yes, that Plato – who really sort of originated the story of how the once glorious naval power that was Atlantis sank into the ocean after a failed invasion of Athens. Plato wrote of Atlantis having been a conquering power, defeating nations in Western Europe and Africa. And then in one day and night, apparently, it was wiped from the face of the earth. Now I’m not an expert, but it seems to me that if a powerful nation suddenly plunged into the ocean, its enemy nations might have left behind some clues, such as giant stone tablets reading “HA! Suck it, Atlantis!”

I’m not questioning Plato, who was one of the greatest minds in history. But then again, I am suggesting that he was full of s#eet, and he started an awful lot of people down the path to believing that somewhere at the bottom of the Mediterranean lies a giant lost city which disappeared without a trace in a 24 hour period and left behind no evidence of ever having existed in the first place. Part of the reason the myth started to be thought of as fact was because he was so widely respected that many scholars during his time actually jumped on board with the idea, because seriously, would Plato really jerk them around? On the bright side, if Atlantis ever did actually exist and now lies at the bottom of the sea, at least it gives those mermaids a kick a$@ place to call home.


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