4 Ridiculously Obsessive Pop Culture Collections

  • November 04, 2010
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Take a Pikachu at This Collection

Now maybe it’s just us, but toys and cartoons have really gotten pretty crappy over the years. Maybe we were just spoiled by the sheer awesomeness of GI Joe, Transformers, ThunderCats and Rainbow Br—er, we mean, um, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yeah, that’s what we meant. Anyway, maybe it’s just us but we never quite understood the whole Pokemon craze. You’ve got a cartoon and toys based on, as far as we can tell, kids raising weird little monsters to throw into anime pit fights against each other. Call us crazy but with a little wagering, it sounds an awful lot like dog fighting with a Pikachu instead of a pitbull.

Anyway, a young lady from the UK (what is it with Brits having these crazy obsessions, anyway?) named Lisa Courtney has, over the years, collected more Pokemon related merchandise than you probably ever thought existed. To date, she has more than 13,000 items related to the cartoon. In her defense, Lisa used Pokemon to escape from the verbal abuse she received from classmates when she was a teenager, who mocked and bullied her because she had some physical disabilities. It’s almost a shame that Pokemon monsters aren’t real, because we’d love to see them get into one of those crazy anime fights with the type of jerks who would make fun of a girl with disabilities.



Too Bad He Can’t Build Himself Some Friends

Okay Brits, seriously. We need to talk. Is there really so little to do in the United Kingdom that you have to turn your attention to vast and bizarre collections? Is the programming on the BBC really that bad? Is the fact that Ricky Gervais has gone Hollywood left that big of a void in your lives? Because on top of the two other collections we’ve already touched on, this one may just take the cake. Darren Smith, a 34-year-old dude from Exeter, has in his possession more than two million Lego bricks. Two million. Now we all loved playing with Legos as kids, don’t get us wrong, but that’s just getting a tad bit ridiculous.

A big fan of Star Wars (big shocker there), Darren has collected more than 2,000 Lego sets and cites the “shapes and colors” as his favorite aspects of the toys. So basically, Darren has continued to build up this obsessive collection because, like a baby, he’s fascinated by shapes and colors. Did we mention that he’s also married? According to his wife, he talks about Legos around the clock, which has to be just about the most awkward pillow talk of all-time. We’re just hoping that the wedding cake wasn’t made out of interlocking plastic bricks.


Written by Jeff Kelly – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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