4 Ridiculous Movie and TV Plots That Actually Happened

  • July 31, 2010
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Curse of the Golden Flower

The Ridiculousness:

This love story has a far more awful twist. In this film, one of the princes had a secret lover for many years. He dreamt of one day running away with her. One day, he was driven mad by the discovery of a terrible secret. The lover he had had for many years was, in fact, his half sister.

But incest can’t just accidentally happen, right? The odds of that are astronomical. Unless you live in the South.



The Reality:

Or Ireland.

Once upon a time, a young man met a young woman at a night club. The sparks flew and they fell in love. It was destiny. It was a whirlwind romance. It was incest …yet they had no clue.


Like this, but with less space and more kids.

The couple moved in together, wed, and even had a child. They did all of this before knowing that they were half siblings. Fortunately, they man was not driven mad by this. In fact, the couple vowed to stay together... Proving that you can’t make crazy people even crazier.


50 First Dates

The Ridiculousness:

The story begins just like any other romantic comedy. Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl despite his stereotypical womanizing ways and fear of commitment. Girl likes boy well enough to meet him again. Then comes the twist. When the boy (Henry), played by Adam Sandler, and the girl (Lucy), played by Drew Barrymore, do meet again, the girl has no memory of their previous meeting. Only one day has passed. How could this be so?


If only we could forget as easily.

It turns out Lucy was in a car accident that left her with a severe case of amnesia. This causes her brain to reset every night when she goes to sleep. She can’t make new memories. She believes every day is the day of the accident. Kind of like Memento meets Groundhog Day except not awesome.

Yet this does not stop Henry from falling in love and pursuing said love with Lucy. He makes video tapes for her to watch each morning which explain her situation and their relationship. Lucy also writes notes to herself. Eventually the two, despite how steep the odds are stacked against them, get married.

You may say to yourself: “Amnesia could never work that way. Even if it could, there’s no way a relationship could overcome something so extreme.”

The Reality:

Tell that to Michelle Philpots who suffers from anterograde amnesia. Sixteen years ago, a car accident left her with a 24 hour memory. Everything that happens on one day is forgotten the next.


Is this a new show?

This did not stop Ian from pursuing her. In fact, Michelle and Ian have been married since 1997. Michelle does need to be reminded of this every morning though. Sometimes she must be shown wedding pictures to be convinced. She even writes notes to herself as reminders of everything from names of people to doctor appointments.

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