4 Movies That Were Banned for Ridiculous Reasons

  • October 06, 2010
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Zoolander (was banned in Iran)

Now, based on the plot of Zoolander and the fact that, at its core, it’s a story about an assassination attempt on the Malaysian Prime Minister because he wants to end child labor, you could see why some people might think it’s a tad bit on the “too edgy” side. We don’t see it that way, of course, since it’s also a movie about male models and is one of the more ridiculous and goofy movies to come along in a very long while, but we can see why that particular subject matter might seem a little risky. Of course, we’re not talking about a ban in Malaysia, and we’re not talking about it being banned for the talk of assassination or sweat shops.

Instead, we’re talking about the film being banned in Iran because, apparently, it depicts homosexuals. Not in any particular light, just the fact that it depicts them at all was apparently enough to get it banned in Iran due to the strict religious beliefs in the country. Evidently, even the hint that someone might possibly be gay is enough to get a movie banned in Iran, so you can only imagine what they must have thought of a movie about male models and fashion designers and, of course, David Bowie. For that reason alone, we can’t imagine what they would have thought of the movie Labyrinth.


What’s so gay about this? Oh right, everything.


The Simpsons Movie (was banned in Burma)

The Simpsons Movie, as you’ve probably noticed if you watched it, was basically a 90 minute episode. It was a reasonably funny 90 minute episode, better than most that have come out in the past several seasons, but an extended episode nonetheless. So basically, we could see people boycotting it since it wasn’t really giving anyone anything new, and going and watching a bunch of season five DVD’s of Homer, Bart and the gang in their heyday instead. But take a look at The Simpsons Movie, and see if you can figure out what on earth could have gotten it banned in Burma. Go ahead, think about it, and we’ll be waiting for you in the next paragraph.

Could you think of anything? There were maybe two or three curse words in the entire film, so that’s probably out. There’s also a sight gag that involves Bart in the buff. Could that be what got this film banned? Well, kind of, but not for the reasons you probably would have guessed. You see, in Burma, when it comes to cinema, the colors red and yellow are banned. So it’s not so much the fact that Bart’s wang was on display that got this film banned, it’s the fact that his wang was yellow in color. And since Bart also wears a red shirt half the time, even if he had been clothed it would have been enough to get this film banned from theaters in Burma. And sadly, those people are still waiting to witness the brilliance of Spider-Pig.


This is about the same sort of reaction Homer gets in Burma, apparently.

Got some more hilarious bans to add to the blacklist? Post a comment below! Written by Jeff Kelly – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources
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