4 Cops Who Behaved Very, Very Badly

  • June 14, 2010
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Sex on the job isn’t all its cracked up to be.

How much sexual misconduct is too much sexual misconduct? If you’ve been paying attention to this list, you probably realized that was a trick question. The answer is there’s no such thing as too much sexual misconduct. We’re human, we enjoy reading about people engaging in acts that make them look like idiots and make us feel better about ourselves. So prepare to feel really, really good about yourself when we tell you about Lt. John Oglesby of the Atlanta police, who decided that instead of trying to actually, you know, do his job he’d much rather troll for prostitutes and, apparently, cross dressers.

In fact he did it so frequently that one of the residents in the area where Oglesby typically picked up these hookers and cross dressers shot some video footage because, and we quote, he “was tired of seeing Oglesby with cross dressers and hookers so often.” There’s even evidence that he was almost never in his assigned area, instead he spent his time on the taxpayer dime soliciting sex and asking working girls to “beat” him. Aparently he was suggesting that it wouldn’t be worthwhile for the girls to get out of bed in the morning if they didn’t give into their vices, such as smoking cigarettes, chewing gum, and sucking…well, you can guess what he suggested they suck. Oglesby “retired” before any formal administrative charges could be brought against him. We can’t be sure, but we’re guessing that the prostitution business really took a hit after that, assuming he paid any of them.

on the job

They don’t call him “Ogles” just for the last name.


Only in Alabama…

So far we have covered what you might consider the basics in police sexual misconduct. You might expect undercover detectives in a massage parlor to partake in a little “fun” and you’d probably also expect a superior to solicit sex from an underling, because frankly that happens in just about any line of work. An on the job officer soliciting prostitutes and cross dressers is starting to get a little more out there, but certainly it’s nothing you would be totally shocked at hearing about, right? Well what if we told you that our final entry is about a police officer who engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with…an inmate?

Now the information is kind of scant on this one, but really, what more do you need to know about how bizarre this conduct is? A Piedmont, Alabama police officer named Deon Harris-Brown was arrested on New Year’s Eve of 2008 for what authorities say was “committing prohibited acts with an inmate” of the local jail. They do not explicitly say what those prohibited acts were, but we’re guessing he wasn’t sneaking in to play Parcheesi or even smoke a doobie with some felon. We suppose that there is the possibility it wasn’t actually a sex act since they just say “prohibited acts” and nothing more in the reports, but come on…where’s the fun in that?

Speaking of fun, here’s one more little bonus “only in Alabama” tidbit along the same lines. A former Alabama judge was arrested for – get this – checking male inmates out of prison and forcing them to have sex with him. The bottom line is that if you ever mull a trip to Alabama, you should really reconsider, or at least hope you don’t wind up in jail when you go.

only in alabama

If only it were this sexy in real life…

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