4 Completely Off the Wall Sitcom Episodes

  • June 24, 2010
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Space (NewsRadio)

NewsRadio was a critically acclaimed sitcom starring the late, great Phil Hartman and former Kid in the Hall Dave Foley. It was about exactly what it sounds like: a radio station that is nothing but the news, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So basically, it’s about a radio station we’d never actually listen to because, seriously, if we can’t get the Led out once in awhile it’s just not worth our listening time. Anyway, it was about as normal a show as you’ll find on this list.


Space looks an awful lot like a regular old office

But for whatever reason, during the third season of the show the writers (after consuming copious amounts of the kind drugs we’d give our first borns to get our mitts on) decided to set one random episode in the distant future on another planet. Maybe it was to see if the audience was still paying attention, we can’t be sure.

Set in the year 2228, the crew was still trying to broadcast the news on their little spaceship despite apparently being on the run from killer robots, proving once and for all that even killer robots would rather listen to some Zeppelin than some dude droning on about the stock market. Considering this was the season finale, it probably left viewers more confused than anything else, particularly when the characters all die at the end of the episode.


My Best Friend’s Wedding (The Drew Carey Show)

Long before he stopped caring about being funny and decided to ruin the Price is Right, Drew Carey starred in a pretty solid sitcom. Along with Ryan Stiles and Deidrich Bader, he played an everyman (yeah, there’s a stretch) working in a management position at a department store, with Stiles and Bader as two dimwitted buddies he liked to sit around getting drunk with. The show was known for some pretty outlandish and creative opening credit sequences but for the most part it remained a pretty traditional sitcom throughout its run.

best friends wedding


And the thing is, this episode wasn’t all that bizarre, except for one little cameo appearance by…Daffy Duck? Yeah, we’re confused too. This was actually the series finale, so at that point Drew and the gang pretty much decided, “eh, who gives a s*#$” and decided to go all out with the surreal. At the start of an episode, dealing with the wedding of a couple characters you don’t really care about at the moment, Drew is at work when the fully animated Daffy Duck randomly walks in for a job interview. Basically what we can learn from watching this sequence is that Drew’s hiring practices could earn him a visit from Gloria Allred (he refuses to hire ducks) and that apparently by this point Drew and the writers just didn’t care anymore.

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