3 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Life

  • June 17, 2010
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It Will Legally Screw You Over

Facebook and privacy are in a constant struggle for dominance, and much like the Fist of the North Star and Southern Cross, the two must never meet. Anyone with a Facebook account has heard time and time again the dangers of revealing too much information online. Despite this non-stop repeating of common sense, Facebook crimes are up over three-hundred percent in the past year. I'm not evening going to try and figure out how that works, but I assume it's operated primarily by terror.


Facebook crime.

Keri McMullen learned the whole “privacy” thing the hard way. After posting that she'd be heading out to a bar, which bar she'd be heading to and when she'd be there, she was robbed by two men, one of which was a recent addition to her friends list. I'm assuming she later removed said friend but until I see it in print I'll assume that no, no she didn't. Thanks to a security camera, she was able to catch the crooks but she still felt the need to go on a media tour to tell her story about how you shouldn't tell strangers your schedule, especially when you're leaving your home and all the valuables that dwell within. Again, its common sense, but it sounds incredibly silly when it's coming from a crying woman on CNN.

Keri's crime was committed because of what she revealed on Facebook. The bigger issue may lie in how sites like Facebook are being used by lawyers during cases to reveal what you think are harmless musings. In what I can only assume is Dick Wolf's wet dream become reality, lawyers are using information revealed on social networking sites as part of their cases. If you've ever bothered to read the user agreement (and we know you only pretended to read it in section one up there) then you already know that these websites are required by law to fork over your information under certain circumstances. So if you express your fondness for hentai by joining every Overfiend group you can find but don't want a stenographer to forever record your secret shame as “Exhibit A,” you may want to seek therapy or reconsider a career in crime.


It’s a slippery slope.

People have had things they've posted come back to haunt them in court. In a Texas case involving a fatal driving accident, the prosecution used one of the defense's MySpace postings against him. A post in which he proudly declared “I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunkaholic” suddenly seemed like an awful idea. Granted, he probably wasn't planning on killing someone with his car after writing such a witticism but it doesn't take tremendous foresight to know that confessing to alcoholism on the Internet can only lead to tears.

Has Facebook reduced you or anyone you know to jabbering shell of a man? Got a funny story? Contribute in the comments section below!

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