20 Weirdest Case Mods We Could Find

  • May 20, 2010
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Stargate Motorized Case Mod

OK, we freely admit that we just don't get this motorized case mod thing. Bad enough the CD tray is motorized, with a woefully underpowered rubber band. Do you really need your computer to unfold like origami every time you…boot up solitaire?

stargate motorized case mod

If you're looking to sacrifice a virgin to your gods, this is a good place to start.



Some people just can't let their childhoods go, but as things like this go, it's pretty neat. Not only is there an actual computer in that SNES, but the cartridge serves as the disc slot! If it plays ROMs, it'll all be so sickeningly meta...


It looks cool, but you end up shaking and blowing on the CD every time.


Apple II Disc Case

Apple nerds love to cram computers into inappropriate objects too, with the iPhone reaching heights in the "inappropriate" arena. But the Mac Mini gets stuffed places too, like this Apple II disk drive case. Why? Because you need to win all the nerd points, if you're a Mac fanboy.

apple ii disc case

The only way to get computer nerds to respect a Mac.



As case mods go, this is actually somewhat lazy. Instead of throwing clay at a plastic case and then rigorously sculpting it into something, this guy just layered on the Fimo until it looked vaguely rock-like and called it a day. At least he added a little glowy green light.


Probably full of smack talking mice saying “It's a living!”



Oh, like you didn't know something like this was coming. There are, in fact, innumerable Star Wars case mods, but this one struck us as the best because it's life size and the most amusing. There's something about small robots that just makes us want to cram computers in them.

r2 d2

Slightly less impressive considering they fit a midget in the original.



Combining what are, no doubt, the two most common things in a nerd's life: computers and beer. We find ourselves grateful that the third most common thing has been left out. We refer, of course, to Star Wars.


The one made from a Heineken keg costs twice as much and performs the same.


Acoustic Guitar

We're going to take a wild guess here and assume that this case modder once loved to play the acoustic guitar, but lost a finger in a horrible World of Warcraft accident and, unable to take the constant mocking of his great love sitting gathering dust in the closet, turned it into a computer instead of doing something tacky, like giving it to a needy child or his local music program.

acoustic guitar

So many terrible renditions of “Stairway to Heaven” will go unplayed.


Toaster Oven

What inspired this case mod? A love of bagels? A love of glowing red malevolent machinery? Illegal substances? Either way, it's impressive, especially since he managed to destroy a perfectly useful appliance to install what looks an awful lot like WebTV on there.

toaster oven

The hardest part is setting it for exactly how long you want to use the computer.


WWII Radio

OK, so technically this is a case mod advertising the Wolfenstein games, which break new ground by doing what every other WWII games do: shoot Nazis. Still, you have to admit, it looks kind of neat with all the dials and the paint job. Of course, analogue meters will turn out to be a pain in the butt when you need actual performance statistics, but this is the price one pays for art.

wwii radio

May day, may day! We need more Cool Ranch Doritos, over!


Stained Glass

Finally, we have this bad boy, combining gothic architecture and steampunk sensibilities and a warped set of priorities. Made from real glass, it looks like the sort of thing you'd give your religious aunt for Christmas so she could put it in the corner and avoid it.

stained glass

Probably the only thing that could keep people from looking at pr0n. Maybe.

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