20 Weirdest Case Mods We Could Find

Posted on May 20, 2010
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Comic-Con, computer encasement modifications (or case mods) are one of those areas where being a huge nerd intersects with being an artist. Of course, the work is less about displaying your ability to cram the basic components of a PC into just about anything and more about displaying your total lack of any other hobby and/or ability to talk to girls. Hence, case mods!



We could make some sort of cruel, mean-spirited joke about how this guy has never met a girl, so he had to build one, but we're a little worried that this might actually be an accurate state of affairs. The thumb is actually a thumb drive, because this wasn't nerdy enough.




Yes, that image is real. It is not Photoshop. A beaver did, in fact, have a processor, RAM, and other computer components rammed up its butt and wired so that it could be a computer and presumably somehow impress girls. We're not sure how.



Animatronic head

Because computing should never be lacking in sheer terror, the animatronic head hooked up to this PC actually works. Whether it screams "Kill me and release me from this never-ending agony!" or just chants error codes to help you debug your Linux homebrew remains unknown. All we know is that you should always, always turn it off before you go to bed.

animatronic head



You know, we could pick on the relentless dorkiness and lack of contact with members of the opposite (or same!) sex that resulted in this insanely detailed mod, complete with an arm that feeds Wall-E the disc when you need to load a DVD, but we were too busy being overwhelmed by the cuteness. Yes we were! Oh yes we is!

wall e



Yes, that is, indeed, a PC tucked in a vase. No, we do not know what NVidia, who apparently paid for this desecration of a Ming vase replica, was thinking hiring somebody to put a computer in a vessel you pour water in. This is probably what the Queen of England uses to “download some internets”.



Model Ferrari

OK, modding your case to be an alien or a rock or whatever is one thing. Making it a toy car is just a whole new level of pathetic we're not sure should ever have been explored. Moving on.

model ferrari


Too Many Fans

Ever have your PC overheat? No? Well imagine it did. Wouldn't it drive you crazy? You guess? Well it would. Did ever wish you could solve that problem once and for all? Anyway, this guy apparently did. And this problem solving ability, combined with a single-mindedness that bordered on autism, birthed the fan case. Now he just has to deal with fifty fans that could drown out a jackhammer.

too many fans



That's really what we want in our PC: every time we see it, we'll be reminded of the proud and noble Kratos, warrior of the gods, the Ghost of…hey, wait a minute, didn't this guy kill his family in cold blood? And everybody who annoyed him? Isn't his solution to everything to stab? ...this thing better not be animatronic.



Glowing Cube

We guess that for some case modders, life just isn't the same unless technology looks like the way people from the 1920s thought it was going to? We bet this was inspired by a classic of science fiction like "Freejack".

glowing cube


The Living Room INSIDE Your PC

So some crazy guy, who builds both PCs and dollhouses, decided to build a little visible living room inside his PC. Why, we don't know. We bet it has something to do with his being Russian, though. Also his being scary.

living room inside pc

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