20 Weird Things You Can Major in at College

  • May 05, 2014
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In what has to be one of the most boring sounding majors in history, packaging teaches students how to design and create, well, packaging. In other words, you’re basically majoring in boxes.


Theme Park Engineering

We have to go from the most boring major to one of the most awesome sounding, since what could be cooler than learning how to design roller coasters for a living?



Most comedians will tell you over and over that you can’t teach someone to be funny, but don’t tell that to Humber College students who choose comedy as a major.


The Phallus

Yes, this is a major in which the goal is to study the phallus, and different interpretations of all things phallic throughout history, so at the end of the day you’re getting a degree in penis.


Popular Culture

One particular major we would have absolutely excelled in is popular culture, which is offered at several colleges, and is basically an excuse to just sit around watching TV and movies all day.


Floristry Management

Just in case you ever wanted to grow and sell flowers for a living, Mississippi State University has you covered with a degree that’ll teach you how to do exactly that.


Comic Book Art

Now this one is just awesome if you’re able to become any good at it, because what’s not cool about learning how to draw superheroes for a living?


Bakery Science

For one thing, we bet you didn’t know that baking pastries was actually a science, and for another, we have to imagine the students who major in bakery science go way beyond the usual “freshman fifteen.”


Fermentation Sciences

Now the idea that brewing beer is a science is something we get really get behind, especially when fermentation sciences will give us the know-how to make all of the delicious beer we could ever want.


The Beatles

Yes, if you attend Liverpool Hope University in England, you can actually get a degree in studying the music of The Beatles. Not just any degree, either – this is a master’s degree program.