20 Weird Things You Can Major in at College

  • May 05, 2014
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College is an interesting time in a person’s life. It’s where a lot of people really discover themselves, and prepare for the future while trying to pin down exactly what they want to do for a living. For the majority of people who attend college, when you choose a major that’s more or less going to factor into whatever career path you wind up taking. However, for quite a few people, ultimately what you major in has absolutely nothing to do with how you wind up making a living. And if you’re going to go that route, why not just go completely off the wall since your major isn’t really going to matter anyway? Here are some of the most peculiar and out of the ordinary majors you could actually major in at college.


Puppetry Arts

Several schools around the world offer you the chance to become an expert on puppet shows, though if your goal isn’t to, say, work on Sesame Street we’re not sure how much good this one will do you.



If you’ve ever hoped to haunt the nightmares of small children by being that creepy clown that unfortunately shows up to ruin their birthday parties, this is the major for you.


Bowling Chasing Management

We’re not sure what the “chasing” part means, but the “bowling” part means that, yes, this is a major that teaches you how to run a bowling alley, and is offered at several schools such as Vincennes University.


Motorsports Science and Engineering

Now this is a major that could wind up being pretty useful, except at some point you’re going to realize that, hey, you’re majoring in NASCAR, and that’s kind of odd, don’t you think?


Paranormal Studies

For anyone out there wishing to become a Ghost Hunter, or better yet, a Ghostbuster, you might want to consider a school like the University of Arizona, which is one of several that offer Paranormal Studies as a major.


Cannabis Cultivation

Yes indeed, this is a major that will teach you the proper way to grow and harvest marijuana, and we all know that what every college kid needs is expertise in weed.


Professional Nanny

Taking care of children is a noble profession, of course, but we’re going to go ahead and guess that you never realized people can actually go to college and get a degree in being Mary Poppins.


Decision Sciences

If you’re struggling to decide on what you want to do with your life, maybe majoring in Decision Sciences will teach you how to finally make up your mind already.



Now, this certainly isn’t a particularly popular major, but if you’ve ever attempted to complete the New York Times crossword puzzle, you’ve seen the work of the most famous man with this degree, Will Shortz.


Canadian Studies

It just feels odd that American universities would offer a degree in studying our neighbors to the north, doesn’t it? Well, several universities, including Duke and Johns Hopkins, offer this major.