20 Infamous Sex Scandals of Modern History

  • May 19, 2014
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Everyone loves a good old fashioned scandal. Add in a little bit of sex just to spice things up, and it’s ratings heaven for journalists, and can also help boost the public profiles of the people involved. Sometimes those involved are submitted to public shame, while others use their new notoriety to slingshot themselves into the spotlight and gain fame and fortune. For better or worse, the public loves watching people embarrass themselves in increasingly awkward sexual ways. We learned that from the American Pie movies, but it’s also true of these notorious sex scandals.


John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps the most famous sex scandal in modern history, this one combined the world of celebrity with the world of politics, in large part because the person at the center was not only the most powerful man in the world, but also something of a celebrity himself.


Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

It’s not much of a secret that Bill Clinton’s boyhood hero was John F. Kennedy, so like his idol he took it upon himself to get embroiled in a massive sex scandal when he found his way to the Oval Office, in an affair that would cast a harsh light on his presidency.


Fatty Arbuckle

Fatty Arbuckle was a famous comedian in the early 20th century who was famous partly for being obscenely fat, and he supposedly crushed a woman to death while having sex, leading to three very public trials that utterly destroyed both the man and his career.


Jerry Springer

Long before he was the host of a horrendous daytime talk show that thrust the worst trash in America at unsuspecting audiences, Jerry Springer was the major of Cincinnati until, amazingly, he paid for sex with a check that actually bounced when the hooker tried to cash it.


Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco

Amy Fisher became known as the “Long Island Lolita” after having an affair with the much older Buttafuoco and then going to his house and shooting his wife (who survived the attack), and infamy has followed them both ever since.


Anthony Weiner

The unfortunately named politician gained notoriety when it was discovered that he had been sending inappropriate photos of himself online, and even after he had managed to survive the initial blowback he did it again, this time under the hilarious moniker “Carlos Danger.”


Pee-Wee Herman

Pee-Wee Herman was a god to a lot of kids in the 1980’s, though we can’t imagine parents were fans of the antics that got him arrested when he decided to whip out his own “pee-wee” at an adult cinema in Florida.


Woody Allen

One of the creepiest Hollywood sex scandals comes from famously neurotic writer, actor, and director Woody Allen, who it was discovered had been sleeping with his own adopted daughter, and later even married and had children with her.


Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Jesse James was, for some reason, a famous person once and was married to America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock – at least, until it came out that he had been nailing a heavily tattooed, possible Nazi-sympathizer named Michelle McGee on the side.


Hugh Grant

Back when he was just starting to hit it big in America, professional fop Hugh Grant was busted for hiring a prostitute in Los Angeles despite being attached to absurdly hot model Elizabeth Hurley, though the actor has since rebounded from this scandal pretty nicely.