20 Bizarre Flavors of Food You’ll Find Around the World

  • April 20, 2014
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People all over the world have different tastes in all sorts of things. Music, movies, television, politics, and so forth. And in some cases, it’s their actual tastes that vary wildly, and going from country to country all over the globe, you’re bound to come across some of the most truly bizarre foods you can possibly imagine. And then you take some of those weird foods and combine then with some everyday items and the results are, in almost every instance, just completely baffling. It makes you wonder just who comes up with these ideas, but to a degree, it kind of makes you want to try them for yourself, doesn’t it?


Jalapeno Flavored Ice Cream

Have you ever been chowing down on a bowl of ice cream and thought to yourself, “I sure do wish this cold, delicious treat could make me start sweating”? Well you’re in luck thanks to jalapeno flavored ice cream.


Potato Flavored Kit-Kat

Leave it to Japan to decide that a delicious Kit Kat bar should probably taste as close to something you’d eat with a steak as possible, thus the buttered potato flavored Kit Kat.


Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips

And if you want to have a vegetable to go with the starch from that Kit Kat, you can always dive into a bag of cucumber flavored potato chips!


Shrimp Flavored Ice Cream

Obviously tastes vary by region, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone, anywhere in the world, has ever thought to themselves, “I really wish this ice cream tasted more like a prawn.”


Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda

Well we figured by this point in the meal you have to be getting thirsty, so naturally you’d want to wash all of these bizarre foods down with the refreshing taste of peanut butter jelly, in the form of a soda.


Seaweed Flavored Pringles

To be perfectly honest, we weren’t entirely sure that seaweed actually had a flavor to begin with, let alone one strong enough that it warrants making potato chips that taste like that stuff you find floating in the ocean.


Soft-Shell Crab Pringles

Apparently, Pringles is trying like crazy to corner the market on bizarre, seafood inspired potato chips, which includes marketing a flavor that supposedly tastes like soft-shell crab.


Sweet Corn Flavored Ice Cream

Sometimes people want to convince themselves the fatty treat they’re devouring actually isn’t that bad for them, which is the only reasonable explanation we can come up with for sweet corn flavored ice cream.


Buffalo Wing Flavored Soda

Soda is supposed to be refreshing, but you would never know that if you only ever saw this bottle of buffalo wing flavored soda, which has to taste a bit like just pounding a bottle of Red Hot sauce.


Apple Vinegar Flavored Kit Kat

We could actually see an apple flavored Kit Kat bar being somewhat tasty, but when you throw vinegar into the mix the whole thing just strikes us as beyond odd, and straight into the realm of, “huh?”