20 Awesome Facts About Star Wars

  • May 19, 2014
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"Ewok" is Never Uttered in Return of the Jedi

Not once, in the entire running time of Return of the Jedi, is the word “Ewok” uttered, so the name of the species and the specific name of the main Ewok – played by a very young Warwick Davis – Wicket, are only known thanks to merchandising.


The Number 1138 is Everywhere

We already told you that Lucas made a small film called THX 1138, and he was obsessed with that name forever after, working it into pretty much every scene he could in Star Wars, and he even worked it into another film of his, American Graffiti (it was the license plate number of John Milner’s Deuce Coupe).


Star Wars Made Steven Spielberg Very Rich

Steven Spielberg had nothing to do with Star Wars, other than being good friends with the film’s creator and offering tips and advice now and then, but it’s made him a very rich man thanks to a wager he and Lucas made, where Spielberg said if the movie was a hit Lucas had to give him 2.5% of the profits, and we all know how much cash Star Wars has raked in over the years.


Benicio Del Toro Nearly Played Darth Maul

Even haters of the prequels all agree that Darth Maul was insanely cool, thanks largely to the physical performance of Ray Park – which makes it that much weirder that the role was originally supposed to go to Benicio Del Toro, who bowed out when many of the character’s lines were cut.


Peter Serafinowicz Voiced Darth Maul

Of course what a lot of people may not realize is that the few lines that Darth Maul did get were never said by Ray Park, but instead voiced by British comedian Peter Serafinowicz – better known as Shaun’s roommate Pete in Shaun of the Dead.


The Working Title for Episode II was Jar Jar’s Big Adventure

While Darth Maul is the best part of the prequels, there’s no disputing Jar Jar Binks is the worst, and perhaps knowing how much people hated the character, George Lucas decided to give the second prequel the most horrifying working title in history.


Lando was Almost Han Solo

In one of the earliest incarnations of the script for Star Wars, Han Solo was going to be a black man, and among the actors who auditioned was Billy Dee Williams – who would obviously go on to play the iconic role of Lando Calrissian.


Empire Strikes Back has the Lowest Body Count

It’s kind of amazing that the film that’s considered to be the most grim in the entire franchise, Empire Strikes Back, actually features the fewest deaths in the entire series with only 30 on-screen deaths.


Yoda was Based on Albert Einstein

Maybe not in terms of the way he spoke, of course, but George Lucas decided that he wanted to model the character of Yoda on Albert Einstein, so if you’ve ever noticed any resemblance between the two, now you know it was completely intentional.


Qui-Gon Jinn’s Communicator is a Women’s Razor

Hey, when you’re spending all of your millions and millions of dollars on ludicrous CGI creations like Jar Jar Binks, you have to save where you can, and that’s why Qui-Gon’s communications device was literally just a Gillette Sensor Excel razor made up to look all science-y.